Hutch cousin who posed with Kinahan cartel thugs in jail pleads guilty to stabbing doctor

Christopher Coakley (32), who has more than 130 convictions for offences including armed robbery, is a cousin of Derek Coakley Hutch

Christopher Coakley (left), pictured here with Derek Hutch who was shot dead by the Kinahan cartel near Wheatfield Prison in 2018

Alan SherrySunday World

A cousin of the Hutch clan who posed with Kinahan cartel thugs behind bars pleaded guilty this week to stabbing a doctor during a robbery.

Christopher Coakley (32), who has more than 130 convictions for offences including armed robbery, is a cousin of Derek Coakley Hutch, who was murdered by the cartel near Wheatfield Prison in 2018.

Coakley angered the Hutch family after he was recorded singing along to ‘Sorry’ by Joel Corry with four other inmates linked to the Kinahan cartel as they partied in a cell in Mountjoy Prison four years ago.

Coakley is a drug addict and serial offender who started using heroin when he was just 13.

He spent time in juvenile detention centres in his teens and went on to spend significant amounts of his adult life behind bars.

Coakley stabbed an innocent doctor in a robbery at Seville Place in Dublin’s north inner city on January 28 last year.

The doctor had been on a scooter and was carrying a backpack when Coakley targeted him and stabbed him with scissors.

The doctor was hospitalised after suffering serious injuries to his neck, arms and chest in the horrific attack.

Coakley was later arrested and was initially charged with attempted murder as well as other offences in relation to the attack.

However, he appeared before Dublin Circuit Court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assault causing serious harm under Section 4 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act.

The case was adjourned to June 7 for sentencing.

Coakley was attacked by Hutch associates in 2020 shortly after being released from prison as a result of his links to the Kinahan cartel.

He was attacked again in a separate incident in 2021 and suffered a broken jaw and broken arm after being accused of stealing a boy’s bicycle.

Coakley had been on a crime spree in the north inner city in the days leading up to that.

He is currently serving an eight-year sentence for robbery and attempted robbery.

Coakley previously served a six-year term for an armed robbery imposed in December 2015, and a three-year term for a hijacking in 2012 imposed in July 2015.

That case heard that he hijacked the car of a woman with her child on the back seat.

He carried out the December 2015 robbery with his cousin Derek Coakley-Hutch.

Their sentencing hearing was told the pair got in under the shutters of the Spar on Stiles Road in Clontarf before they “floored” the manager and dragged her down the aisles, demanding the shop keys from her.

The alarm was going off and they pointed an imitation gun to the woman’s head to force her to give them the code.

She instructed the men how to turn off the alarm but when they were unsuccessful, she was held by the neck.

The woman was continually held by the neck and dragged as the robbers demanded that she get them the safe.

In another incident, Coakley hijacked a nurse’s car during a drug-induced psychosis in the early hours of the morning near Temple Street Hospital and then reversed the car “like a mad man” with no lights on in April 2015.

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