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Man allegedly tied woman up, threw chilli in her eyes and forced her to say she gave him STD

In one recorded clip she had to state to his wife that she had given the accused an STD a few years ago from a kiss

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Tom Tuite

A healthcare worker, who allegedly held a woman against her will in his car with duct tape, and threw chilli powder into her eyes while making threats to kill her, has been refused bail.

A bail hearing was told the woman had to appease him by making a video admitting she gave him a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from a kiss previously.

The man, in his 40s, appeared at Dublin District Court before Judge Paula Murphy, who said there were reporting restrictions.

He is accused of false imprisonment and making threats to kill or cause her serious harm in west Dublin on Sunday.

Garda Tom Balfe told the court the accused made no reply when charged.

He alleged that the accused called the woman asking for assistance filling out forms. He picked her up at about 8.30pm from her home in his car and told her he had additional forms to be filled out.

It was claimed he drove from her address, stopped on the way to his house, and told her he had a present for her and to close her eyes.

The court heard that when she opened them, he “threw chilli powder in her face, hampering her vision”.

It was alleged he “secured” her with duct tape and, “said he would kill her on a few occasions”.

The court heard the woman pleaded with him to let her go and that she would not tell on him.

The garda alleged that the accused used his mobile phone to make four videos, two of which were deleted later.

In the footage, she was “clearly in distress” and “trying to appease him”.

The court heard claims in one recorded clip she had to state to his wife that she had given the accused an STD a few years ago from a kiss.

His car and phone have subsequently been examined.

The court heard gardaí also recovered duct tape, an Airsoft pistol and a knife from the vehicle.

The bail hearing was told that when the man dropped her home, she was captured on CCTV removing something from her dress and in “a state of shock”.

Judge Murphy was told the case would likely go forward to a higher court.

The garda voiced witness interference fears, but agreed with defence solicitor Colleen Gildernew that the accused had the presumption of innocence and was not a flight risk.

The solicitor said the man was a married father, in employment, and his wife had come to court to support him.

The garda also agreed he had no prior convictions but said he could not accept any bail conditions when asked if that would alleviate his concerns.

He said the video recovered showed the woman with red powder on her, crying; her eyes were closed but were “very watery” when they opened.

He told the court it was similar to the active ingredient used in pepper spray.

The garda said the accused had a hammer and threatened to kill her in a video.

Ms Gildernew said her client had strong ties to the jurisdiction and argued that stringent conditions could address the witness interference objection.

Refusing bail, Judge Murphy said although the accused had the presumption of innocence, it was a very unusual case, and she had significant concerns.

Legal aid was granted, and the man, who did not address the court, was remanded in custody to appear at Cloverhill District Court next week. The judge also ordered medical attention for the man in custody.

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