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Regency murder trial hears Gerry Hutch say ‘AK47s’ used in attack made ‘massive statement’

The prosecution maintains this refers to the three assault rifles used in the 2016 shooting at the Regency hotel in Dublin.

Gerry Hutch and inset, disguised gunmen enter the Regency Hotel on February 5, 2016

Conversations between Gerry Hutch and Jonathan Dowdall were heard in court

The scene outside the Regency Hotel

Jonathan Dowdall (right) and his father, Patrick, leaving the Criminal Courts of Justice

David Byrne

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REGENCY murder accused Gerard Hutch told ex Sinn Fein councillor Jonathan Dowdall the “three yokes” allegedly referring to the guns used in the attack, had made a “massive statement,” the Special Criminal Court has heard.

Dowdall was heard telling Hutch in a bugged conversation that the "particular yokes that was used" was “the best move you did."

The prosecution maintains this refers to the three assault rifles used in the 2016 shooting at the Regency hotel in Dublin.

Hutch was also heard discussing mediation in the feud with the rival Kinahan gang and saying he was not going to show a “weak hand and go looking for peace.”

Dowdall was driving Mr Hutch to Northern Ireland for an alleged meeting with republicans in the aftermath of the shooting of David Byrne when their conversation was recorded by a garda surveillance device.

Episode 192: The extraordinary surveillance tape of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch and State witness Jonathan Dowdall

Gerry Hutch recorded saying those who ‘done’ his brother Eddie ‘have to f*****g go’, court hears

The non-jury court continued to hear the recording today in the trial of Mr Hutch and two other two other men over the gangland killing.

Hutch is on trial charged with murdering David Byrne who was shot dead at the Regency on February 5, 2016.

Two other men, Jason Bonney and Paul Murphy are accused of helping the criminal organisation responsible by providing cars used to drive the assailants away after the shooting.

Byrne (33), a Kinahan gang member, was killed when three assault rifle-wielding masked raiders, disguised as ERU gardai, stormed the Regency in north Dublin along with a gunman dressed as a woman in a blonde wig, and another armed man in a flat cap.

Conversations between Gerry Hutch and Jonathan Dowdall were heard in court

The attack on a boxing weigh-in event fuelled a bloody feud between the Kinahan and Hutch gangs.

Hutch (59), of The Paddocks, Clontarf, Dublin, Mr Murphy (61) of Cherry Avenue, Swords and Mr Bonney (51) of Drumnigh Wood, Portmarnock, deny the charges against them.

Jonathan Dowdall had also been accused of murder, but before the trial started, he instead admitted facilitating Byrne’s killing by booking a hotel room for the perpetrators.

The court has heard when he drove Hutch north on March 7, 2016, covert tracking and audio devices had been deployed on Dowdall’s Toyota Land Cruiser jeep by the garda National Surveillance Unit.

The prosecution is seeking to use in evidence a 10-hour recording of conversations from that journey. The admissibility of the evidence is being challenged by Hutch’s defence, maintaining that for eight hours of the recording, the jeep was outside the jurisdiction, where any surveillance by gardai is unlawful.

Today, the court heard Hutch talking about crimes such as bank robberies dating back to the 1970s, saying “that was like the start of it.”

From the 70s until now it had gone so fast with “what’s after happening,” he said on the audio recording. With the “shooting and the ruthlessness,” it “could get very worse,” he said.

Dowdall said “I know it sounds soft” but “I think that is wrong, Gerard… the level of it, I wouldn’t agree with it.”

David Byrne

“There’s other ways of punishing people, don’t be using a gun all the time,” Hutch said.

“It’s never over, Gerard,” Dowdall said, talking about “young fellas” growing up and saying “that bastard killed my Da… it never ends.”

“The whole outlook of everyone is kill or be killed,” he said.

Dowdall went on to say that “nobody wants to get involved.”

“Well you can’t get involved, it’s very hard to get involved where the Kinahans are concerned,” Hutch replied. “Cause it doesn’t work, the messenger gets it.”

“I know it’s terrible, there has to be mediation for Jaysus sake.”

“I think they’re after getting a good wallop, a good bang there,” Hutch went on to say

“From the media” and everyone, Dowdall replied.

“Just pushed too hard on the wrong c**t this time, that is what happened,” Dowdall said.

“You know what the best move you did,” Dowdall said, “Was the particular yokes that was used, that in itself made some f**king statement.”

“A massive statement,” Hutch agreed.

Dowdall asked if he thought the average person not involved in crime would “cop” and Mr Hutch replied “I don’t think so.”

Dowdall went on to ask Hutch “did you hear your man screaming f**k me pink that is no garda?” Mr Hutch said “people with intelligence, sharp cops say these people didn’t give a f**k.”

The scene outside the Regency Hotel

Dowdall asked Hutch if he had read the part where it said “they destroyed themselves.”

Hutch asked who did and Dowdall replied “The Kinahans.”

Dowdall said “Kinahan is approaching people to say f**king you know, Hutch blood blah blah blah.”

“I don’t know, I didn’t see it,” Hutch replied.

Dowdall asked “do you think they’ll make any more moves on anybody.”

“I think he’ll weather the storm,” Hutch said.

“I’m not going to show a weak hand and go looking for peace,” Mr Hutch said.

“There’s three lads after coming forward already and saying they’re having nothing to do with it on their side,” Mr Hutch said.

He went on to talk about a man who was “fearful that we’re going to kill him.”

The Kinahans wanted rid of this as well, he said. On a threat level between 1 and 10, he said, “this guy’s threat is one.”

Jonathan Dowdall (right) and his father, Patrick, leaving the Criminal Courts of Justice

Later in the conversation, Dowdall said “let them send whoever, sit back and let them f**king do it.”

“We don’t want any innocent c**ts getting shot,” Hutch said.

Dowdall said he did not think it should all be on Mr Hutch’s shoulders and he did not think he had done enough to deserve getting caught.

He asked Hutch if he could message someone he trusted 100pc for “your man’s address for the two c**ts that did that to you in Spain.”

Yesterday, the court heard Hutch talking about throwing “these three yokes up there” as a “present”, which allegedly refers to the assault rifles used in the shooting being given to republicans in the north.

“Twelve months time, there’s two RUC men dead there and them things are ballistically traced,” Hutch said, to which Dowdall replied: “they’re gonna blame them on the Regency.”

Mr Hutch said “any smart copper would be saying it’s a joint yoke.”

The court will rule on admissibility of the audio evidence after hearing the recordings and legal submissions. The trial continues before Ms Justice Tara Burns, Judge Sarah Berkeley and Judge Grainne Malone.

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