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British man suspected of stabbing Irish flatmate to death in Benidorm blamed attack on intruders

A spokesman for Spain’s National Police in Alicante said: ‘The British man remains under police guard in hospital’

Benidorm, Spain


Police have questioned the British man suspected of stabbing his Irish flatmate to death in the Costa Blanca resort of Benidorm as it emerged today he had initially blamed the knife attack on intruders.

Sources also revealed the 62-year-old remained in hospital where he has been formally interrogated about the stabbing because some of his own knife wounds had become infected.

A judge has extended his remand so he can continue to be treated for injuries said to have been sustained in a violent fight with the 68-year-old Irishman on Thursday morning.

He will be quizzed for a second time by the investigating judge once he is well enough, either in hospital or at a local court.

A spokesman for Spain’s National Police in Alicante said today: “The British man remains under police guard in hospital.

“He has been formally questioned by detectives in hospital but not yet by the judge.

“The judge has extended his remand period.”

Police have made no comment on what he told investigators about Thursday’s incident from hospital.

A well-placed police source said: “At the scene immediately after the first responders arrived, he blamed the attack on an external group.

“A witness disputed that and it led to officers pointing their finger at the British man and coming to the conclusion he was to blame for the stab wounds his flatmate suffered.

“It will be up to the judge now to determine when he is well enough to face a second quiz and whether that should take place in court or in hospital.

“The problem at the moment appears to be an infection to stab wounds the British man himself suffered during the incident with his flatmate.”

Police said they were told early on Friday the unnamed Irishman had died at a hospital in Villajoyos, near Benidorm.

He had been revived at the scene of the stabbing around 10.30am on Thursday, at a property in a cul-de-sac near a four-star hotel in the Costa Blanca resort, by paramedics.

The British man was formally arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide at Marina Baixa Hospital before his alleged victim died of his injuries.

A spokesman for Spain’ National Police, confirming on Friday they had just been informed the Irish pensioner had died in hospital, said: “Around 10.30am on Thursday, an emergency call was received saying two men bleeding from apparent stab wounds were in a property in Benidorm.

“Officers found a British 62-year-old who had suffered stab wounds outside the property when they arrived and another man, a 68-year-old Irish man, on an upper floor of the property in a very serious condition with multiple stab wounds to his chest, abdomen, head and left leg.

“Both men were transferred to Villajoyosa Hospital and an investigation launched into the incident.

“So far those investigations have determined the British man would appear to have inflicted the injuries the other man suffered and he had been arrested as the suspected author of a crime of attempted homicide and wounding pending a medical evaluation of the Irish national.

“He was also placed under police guard in hospital.

“It would appear a fight occurred between both men, who live together, and they injured each other.”

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