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Crime World Long Read: The twisted secrets of sadistic killer Graham Dwyer (Part 1)

We look back on the gruesome details of Dwyer's relationship with Elaine O'Hara and her tragic, brutal killing.

Nicola Tallant

He’s one of Ireland’s most sinister and twisted killers who groomed his vulnerable victim and made her take a starring role in her own murder.

In this two-part Crime World special, written by Niamh O'Connor, we look back on the gruesome details of Graham Dwyer's relationship with Elaine O'Hara, and her tragic, brutal killing.

We hear the text messages that passed between the pair in the days before her death, and get a glimpse of the sickening bloodlust hidden inside this seemingly ordinary family man.

And we learn how, over a year after her death, a series of miracles would lead police to Elaine O'Hara's body — and her killer.

The story of Graham Dwyer and Elaine O'Hara is a shocking one, so, if you're squeamish, this episode isn't one for you. And it definitely isn't one for a younger audience, so be mindful where you listen to it.

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