Episode 278: The jailing of Ger Dundon and the murky murder of Robbie Lawlor

Eamon Dillon joins Nicola Tallant to discuss.

Ger Dundon was arrested by police in the UK

Nicola Tallant

GER DUNDON was sentenced to 15 years for his role in a kidnap and extortion plot in the UK, in a hearing that shed some light on a tangled web of mobsters, killers and violent criminal gangs who were all closely linked to the murder of hitman Robbie Lawlor.

Dundon stood alone for sentencing after being sent for trial with a group of men, including the late Cornelius Price, for the 10-day-long kidnap ordeal which saw two businessmen threatened over a debt they were told was owed to the murdered Belfast man Warren Crossan.

Both Crossan and Dundon were arrested but released without charge when Lawlor was shot dead on a street in Ardoyne in April 2020, in a murder plot which has been described to a court as a classic double cross.

Nicola Tallant chats with journalist Eamon Dillon about the complexities of the relationships between Irish criminal gangs on both sides of the border, on the significance of Dundon's jailing and about the trail that led him from Lawlor’s side to a caravan site in the UK with Cornelius Price.

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