Episode 279: Addicted Ireland - the nation's battle with cocaine, booze and betting

Professor Colin O’Gara chats to Nicola about addiction in Ireland

Sunday World investigations editor Nicola Tallant

Nicola Tallant

HE is the consultant psychiatrist with his finger on the pulse when it comes to alcohol abuse, cocaine use and gambling addictions.

With an expertise in the use of medicine to help those trying to quit acute and dangerous habits, Professor Colin O’Gara says absolutely anyone is open to developing problematic addictions which could destroy their lives.

Today, the head of addiction services at St John of God talks about how modern life, our traumatic past and our historic relationship with alcohol have all fed into an addicted Ireland.

And he warns how with the use of cocaine, now normalised in every town across the country, a looming threat of a crack cocaine epidemic is never far away.

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