Shocking photo shows savage injury suffered by man ‘shot by appointment’ in Co Derry

The victim was blasted in leg after being ordered to turn up as cops seek info after sick practice returns

Horrific gun shot wound suffered by Co Derry man

The wound in the shooting victim’s leg which is too horrific to show without blurring

PSNI officers at the scene of the shooting in Derry

Ciaran O'NeillSunday World

This photo shows the horrific impact of a “shooting by appointment” this week.

On Monday, a man in his 30s was told to turn up at 9pm at a wooded area on a quiet road on the outskirts of Derry city in the North.

The man knew what was going to happen.

When he arrived, a lone and masked gunman stepped out from the shadows and shot him in the leg.

The victim was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital for treatment for his injuries which were not life-threatening.

However, he will be scarred for life, both physically and mentally.

The Sunday Worldtoday publishes a photo of the terrible injury suffered by the victim – but has blurred the image as it is too shocking to show in a family newspaper.

There has been widespread condemnation of the barbaric attack, which marked the first so-called “shooting by appointment” in Derry for several years.

Previously, several men had been shot in the city after being told to turn up at a pre-arranged location.

The men and their families had been warned that they would suffer more harm if they did not turn up for their “appointment”.

No organisation has claimed responsibility for this week’s attack – but the majority of previous attacks were either claimed by or blamed on dissident republicans.

The man shot on Monday night is believed to be from the Creggan area of Derry – several miles away from where he was shot, close to commercial premises at the junction of Coshquin Road.

The wound in the shooting victim’s leg which is too horrific to show without blurring

The shooting has been described by a group campaigning for a stop to such attacks as a “human rights abuse”.

A spokesperson for Stop Attacks, a group set up to help create a society where communities are “free from violence and trauma inflicted by criminal gangs”, said there could be no justification for such attacks.

“These people aren’t protectors, defenders or revolutionaries – they are abusers and they need to get off the backs of our communities,” said the spokesperson.

Investigating officers want to hear from anyone who may have information about Monday night’s attack.

PSNI Detective Inspector Gareth Lavery said they want to speak to anyone who was in the area at around 9pm and who saw any-thing suspicious or out of the ordinary.

“We’re also keen to hear from drivers with dashcam who were in the area at this time to check their footage and see if they’ve captured the gunman.”

Detective Inspector Lavery said such attacks are a “violation of people’s basic human rights”.

“This attack will leave physical and mental scars and trauma that may never heal. No good comes from this – ever.

“These attacks are not only placing the victims at risk, but also the local community.

“People should feel safe in their own homes. No one has the right to take that away from anyone.

“This violence has no justification and paramedics, nurses, doctors and all other NHS and care workers need to be allowed to focus all their efforts on treating and saving people who need help.”

unacceptableLocal Ulster Unionist councillor, Darren Guy, who is chair of the Derry and Strabane Policing and Community Safety Partnership, said that the gun attacks had to stop.

“These ongoing attacks are totally unacceptable in our society and must be condemned by all of us,” he said.

“The people of this city are sick and tired at these continued incidents. There can be absolutely no justification for this attack.

“It is clear that those responsible have absolutely no concern for people living in the Coshquin area nor do they represent the interests of the people living there.

“My thoughts are with the victim and the people living in the area who have had to endure this horrific attack. I would urge anyone with information on this attack to contact the PSNI or Crimestoppers immediately.”

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