Episode 138: The horror crimes of twisted child killer Robert Black

Robert Black

Serial child killer, Robert Black

Nicola TallantSunday World

Convicted child killer Robert Black was caught when a curious postman turned his head to look at the unfamiliar van as it passed on his street and in those seconds saw a child’s feet disappear into the back.

The sliding-doors moment meant the end of the road for Black but the start of a massive police investigation which would him to some of the most notorious child murders and abductions of the previous decades.

Black pleaded guilty to kidnap and was later convicted of five murders and one attempted abduction - but a delve into his past links him to many more and unravels a story of pure evil.

Nicola Tallant talks to journalist Zoe Apostolides, whose book End of Innocence focuses on the unsolved cases that bear all the hallmarks of Black’s dark heart.

She describes the early life and forgotten crimes of Robert Black and reveals how he moonlighted as a willing delivery driver while staking out victims.

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