Episode 200: The suspected three-man hit team behind the murder of mobster Robbie Lawlor

Judges at the Special Criminal Court set to rule on the admissibility of evidence relating to 10 hours of recorded conversation

Nicola TallantSunday World

A three-man assassination squad scouted out Irish crime boss Robbie Lawlor’s movements before carrying out his contract killing, a Belfast court has heard.

The three formed a cell intercepted by police following the shooting, but were then released and allowed to leave Northern Ireland, it has emerged.

So, what are the claims that were made as bail was refused to accused Adrian Holland, who is charged with the murder of Lawlor in April 2020, and just who are the three-man assassination squad?

Today Nicola Tallant talks with Niall Donald about the murder of Lawlor and the intriguing evidence that has come out so far.


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