Episode 223: The life and crimes of perma-tanned mobster Mickey Green (Part 2)

Nicola Tallant looks back on the gangster they called ‘The Pimpernel’ and recalls his ties to Ireland

The Sunday World tracked down Mickey Green to his Irish bolthole

Nicola TallantSunday World

HE was an A-list star of the criminal underworld, a gangster so wily that he travelled the world amassing a £100million fortune and died not from a bullet, but from his love of a sun-kissed tan.

Dubbed 'The Pimpernel' for his ability to evade the law, Mickey Green's life as a mobster - which spanned an incredible five decades - personifies the changing face of organised crime.

From the Costa del crime to California, from the rolling hills of Colombia to the rugged Irish countryside, he travelled the globe negotiating drug deals, VAT scams and sensational robberies.

Nicola Tallant presents a three-part Crime World special on the life and crimes of perma-tanned mobster Mickey Green.

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