Episode 260: The two faces of INLA enforcer Gerard Mackin

Nicola Tallant is joined by Eamon Dillon to discuss the paramilitary hard man.


Nicola TallantSunday World

New INLA enforcer Gerard Mackin is behind bars cosying up with Kinahan Cartel leaders in Portlaoise Jail as he awaits sentence for money laundering.

The brutal enforcer whose career in terror goes all the way back to his early 20s is a violent figure who once crucified a man with a nail gun. But on his days off he loves nothing than posing for family pictures with his long term partner and child.

So what is behind the two faces of Mackin and what is he likely to do next?

Nicola Tallant chats with journalist Eamon Dillon about the paramilitary hard man who has used the guise of the INLA to work with criminal gangs across the country.

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