Episode 268: The Good Friday Agreement and Northern Ireland's current terror threat

Nicola Tallant is joined by Allison Morris.

US Senator George Mitchell, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern played crucial roles. Photo: Niall Carson/PA© PA

Nicola TallantSunday World

It’s the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement when a monumental task was achieved, and political divides agreed to peace in Northern Ireland.

So what has that 67-page document meant for those living north of the border and for their futures, and can we ever really move on from such a bloody past?

Nicola Tallant is joined by Belfast Telegraph Crime Correspondent Allison Morris about growing up in West Belfast, working the crime beat towards the end of the Troubles and being there for the momentous occasion 25 years ago when the impossible became a reality.

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