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Millionaire Onlyfans model charged with stabbing boyfriend to death sued by his dad

Courtney Clenney (26) was left drenched in her partners blood

Courtney Clenney in an OnlyFans star

Courtney Clenney and the blood soaked knife allegedly used to butcher her boyfriend.

Courtney and Christian

The couple argue in a lift

Clenney after the incident

Níall FeiritearSunday World

A Miami based Onlyfans model accused of murdering her boyfriend is being sued by her victim’s dad.

Courtney Clenney (26) has been charged with butchering Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli (27) with a carving knife last April.

Clenney was left drenched in her partners blood after the incident, captured on police body cam footage.

Miami State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle characterized their romance as "tempestuous and combative" in a press conference, after the incident last year.

Now the victim’s father, Chio, is suing Clenney for fatally stabbing his son in the kitchen of their exclusive, high rise condo in Miami.

Courtney and Christian

The victim's father filed the wrongful death suit against Clenney, the owners of the posh building where the altercation occurred and the exclusive property's management and security companies.

Chio, as the representative of Christian's estate, alleges Clenney failed to "maintain the subject premises in a safe and danger-free manner" when she stabbed her lover to death on April 3, 2022, during an altercation in their 22nd-floor apartment.

The suit alleges Clenney was negligent in that "an atmosphere was created at subject building that facilitated the commission of crimes against persons."

The Onlyfans model lived with her cryptocurrency trader boyfriend in the epic pad in Miami but the couple were said to have a toxic relationship.

In Clenney's statement to police immediately after the deadly confrontation, the Texas-born beauty allegedly said, "I really don't know if this was justified at all.”

The couple argue in a lift

The murder charge brought her flourishing online business to a standstill. The fitness influencer raked in a staggering $1,806,003 in 2021 and $966,692 in 2020, solely from her content on OnlyFans, according to her tax returns.

These sums do not include her many other revenue streams, including Instagram, where she boasts two million followers, and sponsorship deals.

Christian's "estate is seeking wrongful death damages in hopes of getting a huge payout because these companies have very high limits on their insurance policies."

Clenney after the incident

Released 911 audio following the stabbing revealed Clenney told her former lover, 'baby, I'm so sorry' after allegedly plunging a knife into his shoulder.

She didn't tell the operator that she had stabbed him, but sobbed to him about how sorry she was.

In the background, Obumseli can be heard crying out: 'I can't feel my arm.'

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