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Two Irish fraudsters targeting English-speaking tourists jailed in France

The pair had been posing as tourists in trouble and are thought to have conned their victims out of substantial amounts of money

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Eamon DillonSunday World

TWO Irish men have been sentenced to 12 months in France after a series of scams targeting English-speaking tourists at motorway service areas.

The pair, both in their 40s, were arrested last weekend after being stopped by police for tailgating a vehicle as they attempted to avoid paying a toll near Brive in southern France.

Their car was found to be fitted with false plates which had been used in a number of suspected frauds over the previous fortnight.

It emerged the men had been posing as tourists in trouble after losing their cash and had been approaching people for money.

Using a phone app they claimed to be transferring the money directly back to their victims, but it was a fake app and no money was transferred.

Described as being “well-presented” and claiming to have had their cash stolen they managed to trick several people out of a “substantial” sum of money, according to local media.

Last Monday, at a court in Brive, the men, who have not been named, were sentenced to 12 months and fined €2,000.

Three Irish men were sentenced to prison in Limoges last year for their part in a €280,000 tarmac scam.

French police have taken a hard-line stance towards to what they describe as “specialist fraud gangs”.

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