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Tycoon pal of Daniel Kinahan behind new plastic surgery clinic in Glasgow

Sandra Vaughan, who is a close friend of Kinahan and has previously spoken warmly about the wanted cartel boss, is behind the new venture

Daniel Kinahan and Sandra Vaughan

In this picture Sandra's husband Danny Vaughan (left) can be seen with boxer Sunny Edwards, Daniel Kinahan, 'Falcon' Waseem and Grant Smith

Sandra has previously spoken warmly of her old pal Daniel Kinahan

Neil FetherstonhaughSunday World

The former CEO of Daniel Kinahan’s boxing promotions firm MTK Global is setting up a plastic surgery clinic that she claims will rival London’s famous Harley Street.

Sandra Vaughan, who is a close friend of Kinahan and has previously spoken warmly about the wanted cartel boss, is behind the new venture in Glasgow, Scotland.

According to the Daily Record, Sandra, who is the wife of Danny Vaughan who had once described himself as 'head coach' for MTK Global, is returning to the business world after she quit the firm in July 2020.

She had become the public face of MTK Global that had previously been run by Kinahan before he had a $5million bounty put on his head by US authorities.

The 54-year-old, who has no involvement in crime, is now opening the new clinic which is being marketed as “Glasgow’s luxury health and wellness centre” and will include private GP clinics, plastic surgery treatments and a training academy.

Sandra has previously spoken warmly of her old pal Daniel Kinahan

The Record reports that Vaughan herself promoted the site in a Facebook post last November, stating: “West Regent Street is the new Harley Street @surwellness bringing you the top surgeons to Glasgow.”

Sandra’s husband Danny previously appeared in a photo that he posted in April with Kinahan – shortly after the Irish Mafia boss was sanctioned.

In the picture, the veteran trainer Vaughan can be seen standing proudly with Daniel Kinahan, boxers Sunny Edwards and 'Falcon' Waseem and trainer Grant Smith in a reception area in Dubai.

None of the four men standing in the image with Kinahan have any involvement in criminality.

Alongside the photograph, Vaughan had written 'Top Team.. Advisor Daniel Kinahan. #loyalty.'

Danny Vaughan describes himself as 'head coach' for MTK Global and has a long association with the company and worked for the firm when it was based in Spain and known as MGM.

His wife Sandra became the public face of MTK Global after Kinahan stated he was no longer involved in the firm.

But the outspoken blonde, who banned and ridiculed the Irish media over their treatment of her friend Daniel Kinahan, later disappeared off social media and was understood to be planning a return to Spain or Scotland.

Her husband’s photo appeared at around the same time a statement was issued by MTK Global distancing themselves from Kinahan, claiming he has not been involved with the company since February 2017.

It said: "MTK Global will comply fully with the sanctions made by the US government against Daniel Kinahan.

"MTK parted ways with Mr Kinahan in February 2017. He has had no interest in the business since then, and will have no future involvement with us.

"MTK operates ethically, transparently and lawfully. We will cooperate fully with all authorities and assist with any ongoing investigations."

CEO of MTK Global, Bob Yalen, added: "MTK Global will take every measure to ensure the company, and those who deal with it are fully compliant with the US sanctions announced this week and take this matter extremely seriously."

But within a few days the game had changed forever at an unprecedented press conference held at the Dublin City Hall hosted by the gardaí.

Also present were members of the UK’s National Crime Agency, Europol and a high-powered US delegation including the Ambassador to Ireland Claire Cronin.

Not only were Christopher Kinahan sr, his sons Daniel and Christy jr placed on a sanctions list, a $5 million reward leading to their arrest was also announced.

Their enablers in Dubai and Spain, Sean McGovern, Bernard Clancy, Ian Dixon and John Morrissey along with a number of firms connected to them were also sanctioned.

The US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control issued a press release in which it detailed sanctions against Kinahan, his father Christopher Snr and brother Christopher Jnr and other members of the "Kinahan Organized Crime Group (KOCG) for their criminal activities".

A US government official quoted in the press release noted that KOCG smuggles narcotics to Europe, launders money and commits murders as part of its criminal enterprise.

It wasn’t long before MTK announced it was closing down, even though it had not been sanctioned and it also emerged hundreds of people, many involved in professional boxing, were now on a US ‘no-fly’ list.

At the time, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris urged sports personalities and businesses to consider their involvement with the Kinahan crime gang.

Mr Harris said people who deal with those sanctioned are involving themselves with a criminal network.

He said they should look at their own businesses and relationships with their fans and consider if this is something they want to be involved with.

"In terms of some individuals, prominent sporting individuals who are in some way connected with this grouping, I would say look at your sport, your fans, and think of your own reputation because this is a very serious announcement today after a large amount of work."

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