Dear Denise: I want to join OnlyFans but my man says it’s as bad as cheating

Some of my friends are on it and they are making good money

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Dear Denise: I (23) am seriously considering setting up an OnlyFans account. Some of my friends are on it and they are making good money.

They are mainly sharing nudes and posting out their underwear to some men that have knicker fetishes. I really think it’s harmless enough.

The only problem is my boyfriend says it’s as good as cheating. Would it be terrible if I did it in secret?

Answer:I applaud your entrepreneurial spirit but the problem with secrets is that they always come out in awful, almost Coronation Street style and you’d be doing a major disservice to yourself and your partner by being deceitful.

Relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, so you may as well call it quits now if you’re willing to actively lie to your partner.

That being said, while you can engage with your partner’s concerns, nobody should have autonomy over your choices. For creators on the site, it’s a business — and for some, a lucrative one. Although that doesn’t mean you will cash in and make it rich.

It’s up to you and your boyfriend to set out boundaries. You need to come to a mutual agreement. If you feel resentment towards your boyfriend for not supporting you, now may be the time to cut ties.

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