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Miss Ireland Pamela Uba chats about commitment, strange come-ons and RTÉ’s Love Bites

‘There are so many weird messages. I got one recently that said, ‘I would like to be your sugar daddy’. People are so weird.’

Pamela Uba with comedian Daniel Shane Byrne© Andres Poveda

Miss Ireland Pamela Uba

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Pamela Uba’s light Galway lilt can faintly be heard over the whirr of hairdryers when the reigning Miss Ireland picks up the phone to Magazine+.

The 27-year-old beauty queen is prepping for the Platinum VIP Style Awards and didn’t anticipate how long she’d be sitting in the hairdresser’s chair.

But always a consummate professional, the model is prepped and ready to chat all things shots and sugar daddies.

“I didn’t think I would be here so long, I am so sorry,” says Pamela in a rush of apologies. “But the pressure is on to get ready. I am up for an award and I can’t believe it — it’s such a huge compliment.

“I love fashion, I love colourful clothing and clothes that show my personality. It’s nice to dress up and show your own personal style, but the best outfit you can wear is confidence,” continues the model, who was up for Most Stylish Newcomer at the recent event at The Marker Hotel.

It’s the same confidence we have come to know as the medical scientist has carried out her Miss Ireland duties, but that’s just one side of the Galway beauty.

“My friends would say I am super fun. I am always the one doing the funny things, but because I come from a pageant background, people see the more poised Pamela. But I am the one out with the girls, dancing and doing the shots. My friends definitely know me as the fun one.

“Having fun with life is honestly the best way to be,” she adds. “Life is too short to be too serious all the time.”

Miss Ireland Pamela Uba

This is exactly why the rising star signed up to RTÉ’s latest chat show, Love Bites.

The RTÉ Player original sees award-winning comedian Shane Daniel Byrne goes on dates with some of Ireland’s most well-known personalities. Of course, there’s a twist — the funnyman explores romance and relationships over a chicken fillet roll. From Davina Devine to Michael Fry, the stars load up their rolls and reveal who they are, and how they date. Some may like it spicy; others a bit plainer.

“I’d never say no to a chicken fillet roll,” laughs Pamela. “I was different to the rest of the guys in the show because I am in a long-term relationship.

“I think sometimes people find it hard to find someone that will commit, so I think it is a good thing to show that they still exist.”

Speaking of her childhood beau, Radek, Pamela says: “We are together over ten years. He is quite quiet and I am the social butterfly — we really complement each other.”

Being in a relationship hasn’t stopped some would-be suitors from sliding into her DMs, though.

“There are so many weird messages. I got one recently that said, ‘I would like to be your sugar daddy’. People are so weird. I was like, ‘OK’, I just closed the message and that was the end of it.”

Looking to the future, the pageant queen is now preparing to relinquish her coveted title, and admits: “It does feel bittersweet.”

“I really loved my time as Miss Ireland and I will be sad to give back the crown. But I will be so happy for the next girl and will watch her journey

because it is a legacy.”

As Ireland’s first black Miss Ireland, Pamela is confident that she has ensured enduring change.

“I really wanted to be a Miss Ireland that stood for something and made change in my community. And I think that’s what I did,” she tells.

“People will stereotype Miss Ireland a lot, but I showed that you can be smart and you can have beauty, whatever that beauty looks like — it doesn’t have to be someone’s stereotypical standard of beauty.

“I also proved that Miss Ireland isn’t just about the glamour, it’s about what you have to say. I am proud that I got to represent this new modern-day Irish woman.

“I have girls message me to tell me that I inspire them and honestly, that’s what really matters. I want to keep inspiring women — that’s my real goal.”

Love Bites is available on RTÉ Player

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