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If Suzuki's new Jimny was a passenger vehicle I'd buy a fleet of them in the morning

Suzuki’s Jimny will be available in limited numbers

There’s a fixed cage behind the front seats

Daragh Keany

There are only two seats, there is no touch screen, you require a physical key to (shock horror) turn the ignition, there is very little convenient storage (especially for your phone), the driver’s seat does not go back far enough, the glove box is tiny and there are only five gears.

But I would buy one of these in the morning if I had the cash. In fact I would buy a fleet of them.

I loved it so much from start to finish that I was happily willing to ignore the above list of misdemeanours. I couldn’t even take my kids to school at any stage during the week because I didn’t have space for them, and I didn’t care.

The latest iteration of the Suzuki Jimny is by far the best yet, but you need to know right away that this is only coming in a commercial form. Yes, you read that right. Breathe it in because it is a shocking revelation.

This gorgeous toy-like jeep is a two-seater that comes with 863-litre boot, and there are currently no plans to bring the passenger version to Ireland any time soon.

There’s a fixed cage behind the front seats

The two rows are divided by a fixed cage which means that if you are a small business owner you are the ideal candidate to buy one of these.

With an on-the-road price tag of €20,995 your only issue will be getting hold of one because there are very limited numbers being made available.

Four months before last week’s test week I drove past one on my daily commute. It had been wrapped in an eye-catching wrap with the company’s logo and details emblazoned all over it. Every single morning for four months I ogled its beauty and counted down the days until I got behind the wheel.

This Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) is available in one specification grade only and despite what you may think about it after reading my opening paragraph it isn’t devoid of features altogether. Genuinely. Hear me out.

It has air conditioning, ALLGRIP PRO selectable 4WD with low transfer gear, DAB radio, Dual Sensor Brake Support, electric windows (the driver one is also automatic), 15-inch Black steel wheels and cruise control with speed limiter.

I was even shocked to discover automatic headlamps, electrically adjustable door mirrors that are heated and there is even a pollen filter.

Suzuki claims that the max speed is 145 km/h but I got nowhere near that because this may have a rugged off-road look and 4x4 capabilities but it is small and you can’t help but feel that jealous onlookers are thinking ‘awww’ instead of ‘wow’ when they look at it.

At times I wished I’d had a sixth gear to slide into and the lack of legroom will definitely affect anyone over 5ft 10” but if you can get passed this and are in the market for an LCV with oodles of fun then don’t look elsewhere.

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