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Why this BMW 2 Series diesel coupé will bring you ‘Track to the Future’

A touch of class inside and out in great looking car

The BMW 200d M Sport Coupé was a dream to drive

The BMW 200d M Sport Coupé interior

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BMW 220d M Sport Coupé

Diesel. Remember that fossil fuel that we used to put in cars a few years ago and that certain car manufacturers claim is dead? Well, a bit like a certain political party — it hasn’t gone away you know.

It seems like a lifetime ago since I drove a car that wasn’t either a plug-in hybrid vehicle or full electric.

If things keep heading in the direction they are at the moment in the motor industry we will be laughing at internal combustion engine (ICE) cars on Reeling in the Years very soon.

It was a treat for me just before Christmas to get behind the wheel of a ‘new’ car that was fitted with a 2.0-litre diesel engine in it. The car is question just happened to be the very sporty BMW 2 Series M Sport coupé.

You see, although BMW are at the forefront of all things electric in its ‘i’ department, the premium German brand obviously still sees a bright future for its petrol and diesel range.

I do too. Even after having the pleasure of driving nearly every new electric car out there, I still don’t feel ready to switch over to full electric when it comes to upgrading my family wheels.

I am more of a fan of plug-in hybrid models that offer the best of both worlds. With some batteries now offering more than 100km before it switches over to petrol or diesel I think this would be the choice for myself and my wife.

The BMW 200d M Sport Coupé interior

The fact that her indoors only potters around on school runs and as far as her happy place — Dundrum Shopping Centre — means she would hardly cover more than 100km a week. Rant over.

Unfortunately, the new 2 Series coupé is not offered as a plug-in hybrid, only its 2 Series Active Tourer sibling gets that option.

What the coupé does offer though is a touch of class both inside and out.

This car is so slick that both my teenage children — who never pass comment or even take notice of most of the cars I drive — gave it their nod of approval.

For me too, the 2 Series coupé is secretly one of my favourite cars in the entire BMW range and the high-powered M2 is possibly one of the best cars I have ever driven on a race track.

On the outside, the 2 Series coupé is, in my opinion, the best-looking motor in the entire BMW range.

You don’t see many two-door models rolling off the production lines these days and there are definitely few more stylish than this.

Step inside and you will discover a modern, de-cluttered interior that finally can put it up to the Audi cockpit, which had been head and shoulders above BMW for many years.

The driver is treated to a similar 12.3-inch digital instrument panel which is found in the 3 and 4 Series models.

However, unfortunately the 2 Series coupé does not come with BMW’s new-look curved infotainment screen. It is instead fitted with the older — yet very user-friendly — 10.25-inch flat screen.

Having said that, it can still be operated by touch and the traditional iDrive click-wheel down on the centre console.

Being a two-door coupé, it is fair to say that it is tight for space for the rear TWO seat passengers. But then again it was never marketed as a spacious, family car. That’s what its Active Tourer sibling is there for.

On the road, the new 2 Series coupé can hardly be matched when it comes down to its handling.

Thankfully, BMW has not gone all boring and switched over to front-wheel drive in this model — a motor like this suits being driven by the rear wheels.

However, even in the snow and icy conditions before Christmas the 2 Series coupé never put a foot wrong.

I was slightly worried that it might be a bit of a Bambi on ice, but it wasn’t.

Prices for the 2 Series coupé start at €51,765 and there is basically just the one model — M Sport — on offer.

It does come with a choice of three engines though — two petrol in the form of 220i and 230i and the 220d tested here.

It certainly is a ‘2’ of a kind all the same.

I just loved it.

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