Meet Ireland’s orgasm queen teaching women to give themselves a helping hand

“The best tool you have are your hands – so use them first. I am massive advocate of self-pleasure,” says Jenny Keane

Jenny Keane wants Irish people to become more comfortable with their sexuality

Jenny Keane

Jenny isn’t shy during her online classes

Jenny isn’t shy during her online classes, showing how to use a dildo or getting kinky

Jenny isn’t shy during her online classes, whether she’s showing how to use a dildo or getting kinky

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Meet the Irish sex guru who is teaching women to give themselves a helping hand when it comes to self-pleasure.

Jenny Keane, 35, is sparking a sexual revolution across the nation and thrusting everything from slow orgasms and kink into the spotlight.

Rolling out sex-positive workshops, the Orgasm Queen has more than 20,000 people signing up to her online courses to upskill their sex lives.

With over 80,000 followers across her social media platform, the holistic sex educator says any education begins with hands-on exploration.

Jenny isn’t shy during her online classes, showing how to use a dildo or getting kinky

“The best tool you have are your hands – so use them first. I am massive advocate of self-pleasure,” says Jenny.

“One of the earliest scripts women receive is that good girls don’t masturbate and that we can’t be expressive, or loud, but self-pleasure really allows you to know yourself intimately.

“I think as women we have been conditioned to leave our pleasure to the hands of someone else – now we have to reclaim that.”

Getting to grips with the meaty issues of foreplay and masturbation, the IrelandAmcontributor covers everything from oral techniques to nailing different positions.

But don’t expect any nudity in her ‘no bull***t’ approach to sex ed.

“My pants never come off in any of the workshops, and there is no live body doubles,” she says.

“In the workshop that focuses on oral, I am not working on a live penis – I have a suction cup dildo and show the moves on that.

“Generally, I start by breaking down taboos that keep us from engaging.

“For example, when men start pushing on your head and they are getting into it, so many women hate that.

“People don’t know how to say no without stopping the sexual flow, it’s about giving people practical tips on how to redirect.

“I also work on where to touch and how to touch.”

Jenny Keane

From racy rabbits to g-spot stimulators, as an avid sex toy reviewer, the tantric yoga instructor regularly breaks down her hottest buys.

Hoping to bring a whole new Toy Show to the masses, the wellness guru may knock Ryan Tubridy off his throne, such is the interest in bringing a steamy alternative to the small screen.

“When it comes to sex toys, there is so much on the market and I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t used or haven’t liked.

“There was huge interest in sex toys, so we did the Sex Toy Show.

“It was online from my living room – like an adult version of the Toy Show. It was, basically, here are the toys and how you use them.

“People were gathering with their friends and having sex toy parties. They were sending me pictures of them with platters of food and drinks as they watched on. Maybe it could rival the real thing?”

With eager students ranging in age from 16-plus right up to their 70s, the counsellor is hammering home the message that sex is a learned skill.

“Most of us think that sex is just something we know and that it should be natural and innate, but it’s not – sex is a skill we learn.

“That’s why my workshops are so popular.

Jenny isn’t shy during her online classes

“It is important to remember that you are a sexual being from the time you are born until the time that you die – there is no expiry date on your sex life.”

The sexpert also says it’s time we finally give up on chasing the big ‘O’ if we want to embrace true pleasure.

“I think we have always been too obsessed with orgasm. I think mainstream porn definitely has a role to play in that,” says Jenny.

“When you look at porn, it is cinematic; so you’ll see these extreme angles and the people have big features like big c**ks, big breasts and the hair is perfectly done, it’s almost cartoonish. It is very much performative.

“Orgasm is the destination, so part of what I teach is removing that destination – and by taking orgasm off the table, you open yourself to discovering and exploring different types of sensations that you wouldn’t feel otherwise.

“If we are not producing orgasms or babies, there is this assumption that there is something wrong with us.

“I created my class, Orgasm Online, to talk to women who felt like there was something wrong with them because they had never orgasmed.

“People expect an orgasm to be like that scene from When Harry Met Sally, where she is aahing and oohing – but that’s just one type of orgasm.

Jenny isn’t shy during her online classes, whether she’s showing how to use a dildo or getting kinky

“Pleasure is unique to each person and everyone’s pleasure is different. It is widening the reference of what an orgasms looks like, sounds like and feels like.

“Most women come out of that workshop and realise that they have in fact been orgasming this whole time.”

Despite her X-rated content, the yoga teacher says she doesn’t have racy snaps or explicit messages sliding into her DMs.

“I don’t get weird messages on Instagram or d**k pics, I only get really beautiful messages.

“I am actually quite honoured that people trust me to share such intimate details of their sex life. The three biggest issues that repeatedly show up for women are low libido, inability to orgasm, or pain during sex.

“For men, it’s erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido.

“And then I get other messages like, ‘I don’t have a sexual desire for my partner anymore, does that mean my relationship is over?’

“Or people looking into sexual exploration and how they would go about engaging in a threesome and different types of sexual play.”

As far as being labelled Ireland’s sex guru or the Queen of Orgasm, the sex educator says: “If people want to call me that, that’s perfectly fine.

“I know what my mission is and what I want to teach.

“It’s a real sexy flashy title and if it means more people will watch what I am doing, then I’m happy.”

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