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Fifa 23 players spot 'IRA badge' in video game

One user however, took to Twitter to share Iran’s logo, which states ‘IRA’

Credit: @ElliotB1878 on Twitter

Niamh CampbellBelfast Telegraph

Football fans have spotted an unusual team crest on the new Fifa 23 video game, and have been quick to point it out online.

With the 2022 World Cup kicking off in Qatar next week, the popular game by EA Sports has gained some new updates relating to the tournament, with all the qualified teams and stadiums having been added.

Each nation involved has further been given a special crest club item, which gamers can apply to their own squads in the game.

They are all relatively simple designs, featuring the first three letters of each team's name in a striking font.

One user however, took to Twitter to share Iran’s logo, which states ‘IRA’.

He shared a screenshot of the image, writing: ‘How did no one clock on to that?’ As all the teams’ crests contain the first three letters of their country names, it’s unclear whether this was intentional or an oversight, but oddly, it isn’t the only time Iran has been linked with the Irish republican movement.

During the Troubles in the 1980s, the country renamed the road that contained the British embassy in the capital of Tehran as "Bobby Sands Street", which forced the Embassy to change the entrance location to the building, so as not to have the address of the building include the name of the prolific IRA hunger striker.

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