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Far-right activist Graham Carey says protestors will ‘go through’ garda station at Finglas demo

‘They're gonna go through that station if you don't get the f**k out by your own will’

Carey in his new Twitter rant

Graham Carey talks to Sunday World reporter Patrick O'Connell

Neil FetherstonhaughSunday World

Far right activist Graham Carey has claimed protestors are going to ‘go through’ Finglas Garda Station at an anti-immigrant protest tomorrow.

Dublin man Carey, who previously protested outside Leo Varadkar’s home, has become a leading voice in the anti-asylum seeker protests which have sprung up across the city.

In the wake of rising tensions over the housing of refugees in the area, Carey has now taken to social media to tell gardai that they will need “every f***in’ copper in the country” ahead of protests due to take place in the Northside suburb this week.

Hundreds of people are expected an anti-asylum seeker protest due to be held in Finglas tomorrow night.

“I will not ask these people again to listen to me,” he declares.

“I'm gonna say - do what has to be done lads.

"And I'm gonna sit back and fold me f**ckin’ arms and watch.

“They're gonna go through that station if you don't get the f**k out by your own will,” he states.

“That's what they're gonna do and, no matter whether I'm there or not, they're going to be there.

"And they have it in their head to protect their own f**ckin’ children, to protect their daughters, to protect their mothers from dirty f**king rapists, that's what we're doing.

“Now f**k the Garda, f**k the army, f**k the judges f**k the politicians, f**k them all,” he rants.

“This is a f***in’ war. Now get into that mode.

"Nobody is touching anybody in Finglas anymore and, I suggest, if you see it you deal with it on the f**king spot.”

Carey is one of Ireland’s best-known anti-vaxxers and was involved in protests outside the private addresses of politicians.

Graham Carey talks to Sunday World reporter Patrick O'Connell

Finglas native Carey was making his most recent comments after a group of men entered a makeshift camp of homeless men on the banks of the Tolka in Ashtown, Dublin, and ordered the occupants to leave.

No arrests were made after the men entered the makeshift camp of homeless men and ordered the occupants to leave shortly before 1pm on Saturday.

The men living in the camp left it after the disturbance in which it was alleged the aggressors arrived with dogs, sticks and a baseball bat, shouting “get out” and “pack up now and get out now”.

One person living in the camp claimed to have been hit several times with a bat during the confrontation.

When challenged about their motives, the group claimed the migrants in the camp had been involved in an assault locally.

The camp of men, who are Polish, Croatian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Indian and Scottish, began last August in a forested area on the bank of the Tolka.

The men had no sanitary facilities and were cooking on open fires. Some of them said they became homeless after losing their jobs and being unable to afford their rent.

It has been reported that in recent days video footage of the camp had circulated on social media, with one video posted on Twitter drawing a lot of negative and threatening comments about the men and the camp.

A garda spokesman said no formal complaint had been made by any of the men living in the encampment, and there had been no complaint about the alleged earlier assault.

The camp now lies empty on the riverbank, with tents and belongings left behind. Several tents are stuffed with clothing and some personal belongings, and some tables and cooking equipment have also been left behind.

Former Solidarity TD for Dublin West, and anti-racist/anti-gender violence campaigner Ruth Coppinger, said the incident is “a sickening low in the spiral of recent racist acts that have been stirred up by far-right agitators.”

“The men living in the tents are of various EU and non-EU nationalities and had been working and renting here, but had become homeless. They are victims of the housing emergency in this country whereby successive governments have allowed landlords and vulture funds control housing supply and rents.

“Tents like this, with Irish and non-Irish homeless people, are now a common feature throughout Dublin 15 and the whole country,” she said.

“A pathetic attempt at justification for the attack was that the men had been involved in a sexual assault.

“Gardaí have said these men are not suspects in a rape. If there is any evidence that they are, it should be immediately reported.

“The fact the attack was preceded by vile and violent online racist commentary about burning out the campsite and attacking it with dogs confirms this was purely racist. Injecting racism into the serious issue of men’s violence against women is disgusting and serves absolutely nobody.”

Last week, Garda representatives said Finglas was thrown into a state of “near anarchy” from anti-social elements latching onto protests about asylum seekers.

Footage widely shared on social media this week show groups of youths and adults marching through Finglas chanting “out, out, out” and gathering outside constituency offices of local TDs Dessie Ellis and Roisin Shortall.

Posts were shared by protestors talking about using violence. “If there’s fights between the Irish and migrants there is no remorse, fight until you cant fight anymore,” reads one.

Detective Garda Mark Ferris, Garda Representative Association CEC for the DMR West area, said the mob also threatened gardai during the protests.

“The last two nights have seen the sub-district of Finglas thrown into state of near anarchy as anti-social elements have latched on to a growing protest movement concerned about State policy on asylum-seekers,” he said.

“Wednesday evening saw a march of 200 plus youths with identities concealed, shouting and abusing gardai with quotes like ‘You were warned!

This morning a Dublin TD said there were no plans to accommodate refugees or asylum seekers in a vacant building that was the subject of a suspected arson attack on Monday evening.

Gardaí were alerted to the blaze at Rawlton House, a former boys’ school on Sherrard Street, in Dublin’s inner city, around 5.40pm.

No injuries were reported although investigations into what gardai described “as suspected criminal damage by fire” are ongoing.

Footage of the suspected arson attack on the vacant Victorian-era building was widely circulated on social media with suggestions that it was targeted as refugees were to be housed there.

Hover, local TD Gary Gannon said the Department of Children and Integration had no plans to accommodate refugees or asylum seekers in the building.

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