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Reaction to fundraiser matching Enoch Burke fines for LGBTQ+ charities has been ‘incredible’

Independent councillor Alan Edge has set up a fundraiser called ‘Enough Enoch’

Enoch Burke at Wilson’s Hospital School and Independent councillor Alan Edge, whose charity fundraiser has already reached almost €6,000.

Independent councillor Alan Edge's charity fundraiser has already reached almost €6,000

Amy DonohoeIndependent.ie

A Dublin councillor who started a fundraiser to match fines handed out to Enoch Burke in aid of LGBTQ+ charities, has said the reaction so far has been “incredible”.

Independent councillor Alan Edge has set up a fundraiser called ‘Enough Enoch’ in “solidarity with LGBTQ+ and trans youth in the wake of the Enoch Burke saga”.

The High Court has imposed fines of €700-a-day on Mr Burke due to his defiance of court orders requiring him to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School. The fine now stands at €9,100.

The schoolteacher has claimed he is being penalised for his opposition on religious grounds to transgenderism.

Cllr Edge hopes to raise “€700 to support two charities for each day Enoch Burke attends the school”. So far, he has raised €5,870.

“I think this is an opportunity to shift focus a little bit, there are other voices here. It’s great to see the response and the positivity around it.

“I think a lot of people were really pleased to do something constructive and a lot of the feedback I’ve had is people saying it’s a lovely idea.

“I think that has made a positive change to people, taking this bad news story and turning it into good news.”

Cllr Edge says the fundraiser is “about countering some of the negativities with something positive”.

“When we look at the tone of social media, there’s a huge amount of negativity. Particularly, the Burke story can be a focal point for a lot of that online hate.

“It’s stressful enough being in school without having this intrusion. It’s made us question if we put the needs of children first. Young people encounter enough stress already with exams and so on, this is disruptive.

“I think the wider LGBTQ+ community were glad to see something good come from this and to have a counterpoint to the negativity around the story. The feedback is incredible.

“As long as I’m aware he’s there, I’ll keep the fundraiser open,” he added.

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