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Leaked footage from Chinese classroom shows kids being monitored by AI

It appears that every child has a number above their head which indicates how much they are or are not, concentrating

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Chinese classroom

Journalist Ms Zeng

Níall Feiritear

An award-winning journalist has posted leaked footage from a Chinese classroom which shows students being monitored in a disturbing way by artificial intelligence.

Jennifer Zeng is the host of video channel ‘Inconvenient Truths’ which aims at offering authentic, first-hand information about global current affairs and politics.

“Scary. This is how Chinese students are being monitored in their classroom,” Ms Zeng wrote on social media.

The regular BBC contributor described how different colours appear above the students’ heads as they learn.

Chinese classroom

“Seems to me that different colours are for different movements. The green one is for ‘standing up of another kind’. Looks like that person is the teacher.

“Red colour for ‘raising head’, pink colour for ‘lowing head’, yellow ‘for lying head on desk’, orange colour for ‘turning head’, blue colour for ‘lowering head and holding the desk’, etc.,” Ms Zeng said.

It appears that every child has a number above their head which indicates how much they are or are not, concentrating.

“Every single slight movement is detected by the surveillance camera. The labels on their heads say ‘raising head, 0.89’, ‘lowering head,0.88’, ‘standing up of another kind, 0.9’, ‘Lying head on the desk’, ‘lowering head and holding the desk, 0.71’ etc. The numbers keep changing to indicate the degree of the movements.”

Journalist Ms Zeng

Ms Zeng grew up in China but left for Australia in 2001 after being arrested four times and placed in Beijing Female Labour Camp for one year for practicing Falun Gong.

Her best-selling memoir “Witnessing History: One Woman’s Fight for Freedom and Falun Gong” was published in English and Chinese.

In 2010, Jennifer’s story was turned into an award-winning documentary, ‘Free China: The Courage to Believe.’

As a result, Jennifer moved to the US in 2011 and obtained an EB-1 visa (Extraordinary Ability Green Card) for her abilities and national and international acclaim.

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