Episode 128: The international police forces on the trail of the Kinahan cartel

Christy Kinahan Snr is detained by Spanish police

Nicola TallantSunday World

THE US Sanctions on the Kinahan organised crime group and the $5million rewards for the capture of the 'Dapper Don', Christy Kinahan Snr and his criminal sons, Daniel and Christopher Jnr, has been the peak point in the fight by law enforcement against their global cartel.

But how do police try to take down a mafia and what does the involvement of the powerful United States mean? How will a piece of legislation passed by Barack Obama in 2011 actually affect the billion dollar empire of the Kinahans?

Nicola Tallant talks with Roy McComb, the one time head of Organised Crime for the PSNI in Northern Ireland and the former Deputy Director at the National Crime Agency in the UK. He reveals how police face down the monster of an international drug cartel like the Kinahans and tells how they came into the sights of the US authorities.


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