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Actor Johnny Ward’s wedding guests ‘expect to be entertained’ on big day

The Love/Hate star met salon owner Brenda last year when she tripped while walking on the Curragh in Kildare and he checked if she was hurt.

Johnny Ward and Brenda Murphy on a night out.

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Johnny Ward has shared the pressures of married life before his bride even walks down the aisle, revealing his wedding guests “expect to be entertained.”

The Fair City actor sat down with VIP Magazine to breakdown his plans for the big day with fiancée Brenda Murphy.

The star said the ceremony itself will be “intimate” with around 160 guests.

"We’ll have some actors, singers and people from the entertainment business and they’re going to expect to be entertained given what I do.” he told VIP.

"We’re getting married in the same place as Brenda’s parents so it means an awful lot to both of us. It’s a really small, dainty and quirky church.”

"It put shivers down our spine the second we walked in. Afterwards, we’re having the reception in the Westgrove Hotel, it’s beautiful and we fell in love with it straight away,” he gushed.

"We really can’t wait!”

“It’s the first thing we booked. We’ve got different types of musicians, stand-up comedy and we’re delighted with our main band as well. It’ll be incredible.”

The pair want the day to be a happy one but Johnny revealed they don’t want to let it pass by without remembering those who couldn’t be there.

His father passed away in 2018 while the star competed on Dancing with the Stars and wants his memory to be a part of the big day.

“Two people who we’ll honour is my dad and my best friend David Campbell who tragically passed away ten years ago,” he said.

"It would be disrespectful not to. We won’t make a big song and dance about it, upsetting anyone, but we want to honour their lives.”

The Love/Hate star met salon owner Brenda last year when she tripped while walking on the Curragh in Kildare.

He told RSVP Live that he “checked to see if she was okay” and their romance quickly blossomed.

"We walked in the same direction afterwards and it was almost like the way panto characters would meet.”

“We got chatting on Instagram a couple of days after and we did the walk again.”

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