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Meet the Dubliner interviewing some of the most fascinating people on the planet, writes Daragh Keany

Mike Sheridan hosts The Delve

Mike Sheridan with Keanu Reeves

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Meet Mike Sheridan — the interviewer all the big stars want to talk to.

The down-to-earth Dubliner, 40, has chatted with some of the world’s most fascinating figures, including Keanu Reeves, Jordan Peterson and Amanda Knox. His online chat show, The Delve, has attracted more than 10 million views.

Mike himself has drawn comparisons with top podcaster Joe Rogan for his relaxed style and listening ear: “The Joe Rogan comparison is ridiculously flattering. I just want people to consume what I’m doing, be it negatively or positively.”

So how does a fella from Finglas get to have conversations with the internationally famous?

Mike, a former publication editor, reckons it’s good old-fashioned journalistic instinct. He told Magazine+: “I’m interested in people — I want to have a good conversation that’s occasionally challenging, but nuanced.”

He created The Delve in the late 2010s. But it really took off during lockdown when people became more open to podcasts and longer-form YouTube interview series.

Tenacity and a bit of online sleuthing meant he landed big names most would dismiss as out of reach.

His favourite interview was with US comedian and actor Bill Burr: “He talks more sense than anyone. It was a great interview as well.”

Mike Sheridan with Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves also has an incredible presence, he continues: “You just can’t help but smile when you’re around him.

“We went to London to interview him and half our filming equipment was lost on the flight over

— amazingly, it all went grand in the end. For the stress involved, and how good it came out, I think Keanu was a great one.”

Jordan Peterson was his most controversial interview, and one continuing to get views and comments four years later.

“Peterson was a bit unsure at first, which is fair enough,” tells Mike. “I’d read his book and watched a few interviews and realised any time someone goes at him, he dances rings around them. I didn’t have an opinion either way; I just interviewed him.

“As it went on, he warmed up and he said afterwards, ‘You’ll get shit from both sides for interviewing me’ — which was true when I looked at the YouTube comments!”

Amanda Knox — who spent four years in an Italian jail before her murder conviction was overturned — was the most approachable, he reveals. “We’ve kept in touch since. That was a very emotional interview.

“The best ones I do are when I don’t get to talk much.”

Irish highlights include actors Emmet Kirwan and Seana Kerslake, and football’s Philly McMahon. He reckons there should be more working-class people represented: “Those voices are important.”

As for the interview he hasn’t got yet — it’s Taoiseach Micheal Martin: “There’s a real person behind the political figure. I would engage with him like I do with everyone else — as another human being.”

The Delve with Mike Sheridan is on YouTube or see

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