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Dr Eva Orsmond is ‘saddest woman in the world’ after marriage split

Weight-loss expert’s marriage broke down irrevocably during the filming of the new series of ‘Dr Eva’s Great Escape' for RTÉ

Dr Eva Orsmond. Picture by Steve Humphreys

Niamh HoranSunday Independent

Tough-talking weight-loss expert Dr Eva Orsmond and her husband of 27 years, Wyatt Orsmond, are to divorce. The marriage broke down irrevocably while they were filming the new series of Dr Eva’s Great Escapefor RTÉ television.

The couple, who have two adult sons, temporarily split in 2016, before reconciling in 2018. Now the Finnish-born TV personality reveals they will split for good but will remain friends and business partners at Solar Alvura Health Hotel in Portugal, which they have renovated as part of the new series.

In the first episode, viewers will see Wyatt, an engineer from South Africa, appearing exasperated while Dr Eva is in floods of tears. In one scene she recalls the first time she walked into the hotel with her husband and told him: “I want it to be mine.”

But after the couple poured €3m into the project she says she realised: “It’s all I ever wanted… and I actually think I am the saddest woman in the world.”

Sitting in the sunshine outside the Dylan Hotel in Dublin she talks about the decision to divorce: “This was years of trying. We tried to go back, we thought this project would help.

“But when the children grow up and leave home, you have more time to start thinking and then you realise that, actually, you are not really enjoying your time together anymore and you would rather do other things.”

The former medical consultant on Operation Transformation was, she says, “always dreaming about the hotel — and I got it”. But it came at a personal cost. Cracks began to appear because of a lack of shared interests outside work and a missing spark.

“It would be nice to have that romantic side and have flowers and dinners. I thought we would be sitting around the pool having a glass of champagne in the evening when we had been working so hard all day. And then that happens and you actually realise ‘it’ is not there.”

‘It’ meaning love? “I have been thinking about that myself. Because if I said that I don’t love him I think that would be wrong because he has been my life for 27 years. He is the father of my children, but is that love? I don’t think I love him the way a woman should love a man.

“If I am being very blunt there needs to be a situation where you actually can’t wait to switch the lights off and go to the same bed and you actually want to really cuddle them. I don’t just mean sex — but also cuddle them. To have that feeling that you really can’t wait to put your arms around them.

“I don’t know if that feeling eventually goes for everybody. But definitely it has gone for me. I’m hopeful I will meet someone else and that I will be able to feel I am on top of the world.

“I do hope and I wish — and I am putting it out there for the universe, like the law of attraction — that I am going to find amazing love and meet an amazing man. I am just thinking I deserve this and I will get it. But, of course, these are things you can’t buy. You cannot go to Brown Thomas and say ‘give me €1,000 worth of love’.

“You can be the poorest person in the world but if you have love, you have everything. We only have one life.”

Eva and Wyatt have remained friends, something their sons have told her they are proud of. She says she is entering what she feels are the best years of a woman’s life “when the rush years are over, the children have grown, you have a little more money in your pocket. Why would you spend that in a flat relationship, when the spark is gone?

“You want to feel, ‘well, I really want to go to the hairdresser and dress myself up. I want to go to a lingerie shop and I want to make sure I’m skinny and look my best’. I actually really want to have that feeling. I am telling you I will get it still. Maybe I am looking for too much, but at least I will give it a chance.”

Has Wyatt met someone else? “You need to talk to Wyatt about that. I am not speaking for him.” Wyatt was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, the hotel is open and has a “Marrakesh” vibe with a yoga tent and spa treatment rooms. Dr Eva says it is a place people can go for a “time out” from the demands of life.

“Often I felt that I would like to take five days and distance myself from the family and take time for myself. I don’t know if I exhausted myself, that maybe I expected too much from the relationship because I didn’t look after myself and give myself these other things.

“Here we are offering a place for people to relax, eat healthy, read books and put themselves number one.”

Dr Eva’s Great Escape is on RTÉ One on Monday, August 8

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