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Fair City actor Adam Weafer says murdered character Cian has a lot of enemies

“Cian was a bad boy… I can think of many suspects”

Adam Weafer as Fair City’s Cian with co-stars Maria Oxley Boardman (as Dearbhla), Stephen O’Leary (as Zak) and Geoff Minogue (as Tommy)

Adam Weafer is leaving Fair City to explore new ventures

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He’s the bad boy who’s just been murdered in Carrigstown and now fans of Fair City are asking themselves: ‘Just who did kill Cian Howley?’

“I think Cian didn’t burn bridges, he blew them up,” laughs actor Adam Weafer, when he reflects on his character’s demise. “So I think everyone in Fair City and Carrigstown is a suspect. It makes it great for the fans.”

This latest whodunnit on the hit RTÉ soap comes on the back of the murders in recent years of Kerri-Anne Bishop, Ritchie Lennon and Will Casey. Adam laughs when it’s suggested the north Dublin soap is beginning to rival Midsomer Murders in body count.

“I think once you put the leather jacket on, you’re in trouble,” he jokes, referring to Cian’s trademark attire on the show.

The 32-year-old admits he enjoyed playing the part of the troublesome teacher, having arrived into the cast almost three years after replacing a different actor who previously had the same role.

“They’re the best ones to play. I was lucky to crack one of them out of me because it was fun to play.

“It’s strange, because when I started out to play him he was quite a nice character, where he did have a past but I never kind of played that (devious) role.

“But I think he just comes from a very troubled childhood with his father and he kind of always got away with murder it seemed with his mam,” the star explains.

“I had to play him in a sense where I had to give him a moral compass. I just didn’t want to play a pantomime villain, so I had to give some reasoning behind his actions.”

Adam Weafer is leaving Fair City to explore new ventures

His toxic relationship with his former girlfriend Dearbhla Dillon (played by Maria Oxley Boardman) ultimately led to his downfall, and when they were lovers their arrangement was unusual.

“I believe the whole Cian/Dearbhla storyline was they were in an open relationship and I think Cian was pretending he was OK with it,” tells Adam.

“But it was killing him inside and it kind of led him down into this kind of triggered, uneasy path, where he just went off the rails a bit, thinking he was losing her.”

Months after their breakup, Cian was still obsessed with Dearbhla, so much so that it culminated in him spiking her drink with ketamine, which led to her being confused and hapless.

“It was like the last act of a desperate man to try and win her back. It was the only reason I could think of: well, if he saves her and he appears to be a hero, then maybe she will take him back. So yeah, it was quite a leap to try and get her back.”

Cian, played by Adam Weafet, starts to get worried when Dearbhla, play by Maria Oxley Boardman, begins an investigation on her own

In the midst of all this, Dearbhla’s brother Zak was languishing in jail, having been sent down after Cian found an incriminating CCTV disc, which his mother Joan has obtained while acting as Zak’s defence solicitor.

Dearbhla and (dad) Tommy told Joan that unless she got Zak out of jail they would report Cian to the Gardai, so she ended up bribing a judge to get him out.

In the wake of Zak’s release, things begin to spiral out of control.

“Cian was, for once, facing what he had done and wasn’t hiding behind his mam anymore. So he goes up to Dearbhla and actually admits it himself and says, ‘Look, I’ve done it’ and he is kind of just owning up to everything and looking for forgiveness and manning up,” the actor continues.

“Then out of nowhere he’s found dead in the site office with a bloody wound on his head and Tommy and Zak are found over his dead body, which makes them look like the lead suspects. They are adamant it wasn’t them so that’s kind of how the whodunnit story starts.”

Dubliner Adam previously starred as David Hennessy in Red Rock and is now back on the job market, auditioning for other roles as well as making his own independent film, Forever Young.

“I’m very proud of the work I did with Fair City and fans have come up to me saying whatnot and everything about my character,” he smiles.

“It’s a bittersweet moment, but it’s nice to play a character, to finish the character and I suppose the sad thing would be you miss out on seeing the cast and crew all the time.”

The good-looking Cabinteely lad reveals he is single at the moment but “in a good place” and has great feedback.

“The funniest one I got — I was out playing golf and this lovely old one came up to me and said ‘You, you b****x’ and I burst out laughing and I gave her a hug and she walked off. And my friends were like, ‘Well, I hope that was a Fair City fan because if it wasn’t I haven’t a clue’,” he laughs.

“It’s great. My nanny would ring my dad giving out about me. She watches it all day every day, so she would give out about me. I think those interactions are brilliant and I take them on absolutely.”​

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