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Joanne McNally says she looked like ‘swollen lobster’ after suffering allergic reaction

‘I looked like a crustacean’

Neasa CumiskeySunday World

Joanne McNally has told of how she woke up on Christmas morning with “a face like a porcupine” after suffering an allergic reaction.

The comedian explained that her face had swollen overnight after using some new skincare products in a recent episode of her podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me.

She started off the story by complimenting her co-host and pal, Vogue Williams, saying: “You look amazing as always.”

Poking fun at Joanne’s swollen appearance, Vogue joked: “You have seen better days. People are going to think I’m being a mean b***h; she just looks like she’s been with the chickens again…”

Joanne agreed as she told listeners why the duo decided not to record a video to go along with this week’s podcast.

“I look like I’ve been dragged backwards through Santa’s bush and kicked out the back of the sleigh.

“The reason there is no video today is because first of all I am in full-blown Christmas mode, and that is not a time to be video.”

The 39-year-old continued: “Secondly, I woke up on Christmas Day and my eyes were a little tight and I got up and basically my face had exploded with some allergic reaction.”

“I looked like a crustacean, I looked like a lobster, actually. I was really swollen and all crusted around, I had a face like a porcupine.”

The Dubliner then confessed that she initially thought the reaction was caused by something she ate but later concluded that the swelling was caused by her new eye cream.

“I was trying to figure out what it was because it is clearly an allergic reaction and my mum was like, ‘Is it because you’ve eaten shellfish?’

“And if it was, I looked like I had eaten the entire Wild Atlantic Way, it looked like I had been rubbing my face in salmon all night.”

“Anyway, we think it might be an allergic reaction to eye cream or something, also my rosacea is back so it is just not a time to have a video on.”

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