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Kerry Katona says she’s a ‘grafter’ after walking on broken foot for a year

Kerry shared a snap of her badly bruised and swollen foot with followers yesterday

Kerry Katona

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Kerry Katona (42) has called herself a “bloody grafter” after revealing she has been walking on a broken foot for a year.

The former Atomic Kitten star shared a snap of her badly bruised and swollen foot with followers yesterday, admitting she must continue to “hobble” around as she has no time to treat it.

"Soooo last year I went over on my foot on the first day of filming a new TV show (which comes out this year)!!” she said on Instagram. “But unfortunately I never got it sorted and I’ve continued to work on it ever since and only last week I went to physio and she actually told me it’s broken!!

"Sometimes it feels ok and then depending on the weight I put on the foot and the angle it really bloody hurts!!” she added.

"But I just want to say it goes to show my work ethic!! Broken foot or not. You cannot say I’m not a bloody grafter.”

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kerry added: “Just tried to some yoga, last year I went over on this foot, I don't know if you can see the swelling and I've actually broken it. I only found out the other week.

“I'm supposed to be having physio I don't have time to myself to get it done. I shouldn't have just done yoga, but oh well I've done it.

“I'm going to have to carry on as I've got a show to film today. So I'm going to have to leave it and just hobble around.”

The star shared a video full of laughing emojis showing her swollen foot, as well as an Instagram post demonstrating the black-and-blue marks all over her foot.

Kerry was recently announced as the pantomime villain of an Easter show, becoming the “wicked" mother Gothel in a Rapunzel pantomime.

The mum-of-five previously played the role of one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters, and has landed a top podcast pairing with Irish comedian Allison Spittle.

Last week, a chat she had on her BBC podcast made waves when she said women who who take time off from work because of period pains should just take some painkillers and “crack on.”

She was commenting after Spain recently became the first country in Europe to introduce paid “menstrual leave” from work for those suffering from “incapacitating periods”.

Writing in her New Magazine column, the mum-of-five said: “We were talking about periods on my BBC podcast last week and I heard that Spain is passing a law to allow workers to take paid 'menstrual leave' from work."

“I mean, we've all powered through so far, haven't we? Keep hydrated, get some paracetamol down you and a heated pad for your stomach.”

She added: “I did three panto performances with Covid. I felt like I was dying but I kept going. But that's my work ethic, you've just got to crack on.”

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