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Kerry Katona takes pop at ex-husband Brian McFadden’s parenting skills

It comes after Ronan Keating amicably reunited with his ex-wife at daughter Missy's 21st

Brian with former wife Kerry Katona and their girls Molly and Lilly back in 2004

Clodagh Meaney

Kerry Katona has taken a very direct dig at ex-husband Brian McFadden and his parenting skills.

In her new! magazine column, the 41-year-old confessed that seeing Ronan Keating reunite with his ex-wife Yvonne for their daughter's 21st birthday got her thinking about her relationship with the former Westlife singer.

"I think it’s nice when parents can work together and get on for the sake of their children," she said.

"If it was Molly or Lilly’s birthday party, I would feel more than comfortable doing something with them and their dad Brian."

"The last time they saw me and Brian together was last March, when my auntie died, and that’s actually the first time Lilly has ever seen me and Brian in the same room since we split.”

“If I’m being honest, me and Brian have never co-parented the kids,” she continued.

"I’ve been the one to parent them. It’s just always been that way."

It’s not the first time the mother of five has made her thoughts on her ex-husband known.

She previously said he wanted a wife to stay at home, but as a career woman she was not interested.

Before her wedding to current fiancé Ryan Mahoney was postponed due to Covid she reflected on her former marriages.

"A lot of it has been a control thing with the men in my life," she said.

"Brian proposed after three weeks, I think Mark [Croft] was five weeks and with George [Kay] it was eight weeks.”

"But there were different levels of control,” she explained.

"Brian's a typical Irish Catholic man who wants a woman to stay at home, Mark was all about the money and George was so desperate to be famous.”

"I've always given power to my partner to make them feel significant enough to be on my level because of who I am."

Brian and Kerry tied the knot on 5 January 2002, in Rathfeigh, County Meath.

They went on to welcome two daughters Molly (19) and Lily (18).

Brian and Kerry split in 2004, and their divorce was finalised in 2006.

She went on to wed a further two times and is currently engaged to be wed a fourth time.

Meanwhile Brian wed twice more, tying the knot with Delta Goodrem and then Vogue Williams.

He is also set to get married for a fourth time after welcoming a daughter with fiancé Danielle Parkinson in May 2021.

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