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Roz Purcell says she started going away for Christmas when she 'hated herself'

Roz revealed the trips began as a way to “escape” during a rough time in her life

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Influencer Roz Purcell has confessed she started going away for Christmas when she was in her early 20s as she “hated” herself.

The former Miss Ireland candidly told fans the reasons why she spent the festive season in Argentina.

Roz revealed the trips began as a way to “escape” during a rough time in her life.

When she was around 20-years-old, she told followers on Instagram, she spent Christmas in Lanzarote with her sister who was training for a triathlon.

"I was just after coming home from modelling in New York and South Africa and I hated myself and I just wanted to escape at the time.

"So getting away for Xmas started out as a way to get away from everything and myself.

"But then I went with them every year and loved having a new Xmas Day every year. I started going off on my own adventures then at 24.”

The social media star has spent silly season in Thailand, Iceland, Turkey and Hawaii in the past, eager to change things up every year and ‘switch off.’

“There will be plenty of Christmases in the future that are traditional no doubt, so just making the most of the time now!”

The model explained that her and her boyfriend, Zack Desmond, take the time to go away at Christmas as it is the only opportunity to take long stretches of time off work.

"It’s the same for my partner, it’s his only real time that he can switch off all year,” she revealed.

The star is currently travelling across Argentina and spending time in the beautiful mountains of Patagonia.

An amazing coincidence brought her to the South American nation right as the country’s soccer squad were to face-off with France in the World Cup.

In her candid chat with followers on Instagram yesterday, Roz shared her advice for staying in Argentina and answered some personal questions about her life online.

Roz has previously been open about how she earns money and affords her lavish trips abroad.

"I work with brands through social media on this page,” she said.

"Prob could be earning way more but I don’t want to be a walking billboard.”

The influencer’s candid conversation with her 540k followers was prompted by fans observing that her popular ‘Hike Life’ events are all free.

The social media star organises hiking events around the country for fans, followers and hiking enthusiasts.

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