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Tommy Tiernan confirms podcast with Hector and Laurita is taking a ‘break’

Hector urged fans to “not worry” or “panic” as Laurita promised the trio “still love each other.”

Tommy, Hector and Laurita

Maeve McTaggartSunday World

Tommy Tiernan and pals Hector Ó hEochagáin and Laurita Blewitt have revealed they are taking a 6-month break from their recording their hit podcast.

"After 2 and a half years and over 20 million listens we are taking a well-earned break from April 3rd until this coming September,” the trio told Twitter followers this morning.

In a short clip shared with fans, Tommy, Hector and Laurita are sat in the corner of a pub as they reveal their news.

"Hello everybody, we have a great announcement to make, we’re taking a small break from April until September,” comedian Tommy said before the pals start laughing.

"It’s a small break in someone’s eyes!” Laurita added, jokingly dubbing the short stint away as a “creative break.”

Hector urged fans to not “worry” or “panic”, promising they will be back in September. “We still love each other,” Laurita says.

In their tweet, they also reassured subscribers that they will not be charged during the gang’s hiatus.

“Current member's only subscription fees will be paused until we return in September and you will still have access to all of your episodes,” they said.

"Don't worry about the technical details, we will take care of all of this, just know you won't be charged for access to your episodes during our break.

“Thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you for brand new episodes and craic in September!”

Fans rushed to wish the pals well for their break, with one admitting they will “miss the mighty company” until September.

"Well deserved break, thoroughly enjoyed your chats the last two years. Enjoy the hols!” another added.

Hector recently told the Sunday World that he has no idea if Tommy is set to become the next host of the Late Late after Ryan Tubridy’s shock departure announcement last week.

“Listen, I’d hope to be one of the first who’d get that news without the country knowing it, but I was with him yesterday having a pint of stout anyway.

“It wasn’t even on the radar, he’s just happy where he is at the moment, so we had a pint of stout and we recorded a podcast yesterday with Laurita,” he said.

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