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Too Hot to Handle hunk says ‘Reality TV fame can be scary sometimes’

Two years ago the Australian hunk shot to fame on a Netflix reality show and now he is in Ireland; still shocked at being recognised wherever he goes

Reality TV star, Harry Jowsey

Too Hot To Handle sensation Harry Jowsey and Australian girlfriend Georgia Hassarati

Harry Jowsey chatting with Eugene Masterson in Dublin.

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Aussie hunk Harry Jowsey first shot to fame on Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle in 2020. Now boasting more than 9 million fans on social media, he tells Eugene Masterson about the ups and downs of reality TV stardom on a trip to Dublin

‘Are you Harry?’ a sheepish girl with a Cork accent approaches the towering 6’5” Australian hunk who’s standing in front of us.

Harry Jowsey is surprised that anybody recognises him on the streets of Dublin, on his first visit to Ireland.

But given that he’s got 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 4.8 million on TikTok it’s really no big shock that this polite and charming beefcake, who became famous starring on reality TV dating shows, has made such an impression.

During our half hour stroll around the capital several other young women venture over, astonished he’s amongst them, and two of them literally chase after us down South William street to try and nab him for a photograph.

“I’ve been here two or three days, just floating around and exploring and doing a bit of jogging,” he explains. “Everyone is so nice and been supersweet to me. I haven’t really done any touristy stuff, I’ve just been trying different food. I went to Conor McGregor’s bar, which was very nice.”

Harry Jowsey chatting with Eugene Masterson in Dublin.

He confides his walk around Dublin is a lot different to when he’s out and about in his adopted home of America, where he generally has armed bodyguards protecting him.

“Sometimes when I’m out in crowds, if I don’t have security I get freaked out. People will try and touch you, you just never know. Some people come up and ask for a photograph, then try and grope or touch me inappropriately. They get too carried away, trying to grab you and shit.”

The 25-year-old confesses he’s in Dublin to sort out his visa to travel to America, having stupidly put his passport in the washing machine by mistake; before his dog chewed his replacement one.

His next stop after Dublin is London, which holds some bad memories there of when he was robbed when he was 18.

“I was floating around like an idiot and I was mugged at the Notting Hill Carnival,” he recalls “It got a bit crazy. The last thing I remembered was having a drink and then waking up in a bush — hours had gone by.”

He confirms he must have been spiked. “Yeah, because the group I was with, a few of them got hit as well with whatever it was. So, I woke up like I had been jumped and lost all my stuff.”

Harry grew up in a small town in Queensland, where he was chucked out of school for being unruly. His exasperated parents sent him to boarding school in New Zealand, where he loved playing rugby and swimming.

While at university in Australia a friend of his tagged him with the makers of local dating show Heartbreak Island,for which he got picked for and ended up winning the show and $100,000.

“I was hooked up with a girl called Georgia (Bryers), she’s a sweetheart,” he beams. “The day I got it (the prize money) I spent it all. I invested it in different businesses.”

He then moved on to the American-made show Too Hot To Handle,which was filmed in Mexico and also starred Cork woman Nicole O’Brien.

“I thought Nicole was so much fun. I loved her accent and how funny she was. But I was pretty taken aback by my ex-girlfriend,” he admits.

That ex was Francesca Farago and the rules of the show stated contestants could be fined for various sexual acts, leading up to $100,000.

Too Hot To Handle sensation Harry Jowsey and Australian girlfriend Georgia Hassarati

But one night the couple threw caution to the wind and had a sizzling night of passion, which cost them the entire pot.

“I was just bored with everyone getting so angry with it. Also, at the time I was in love with her and I didn’t want anything to stop the progression of our relationship, so I just said ‘f**k it’.”

Harry moved to Los Angeles, while Francesca was based in her native Vancouver.

“I broke up with her because we never had an opportunity to be friends and we kind of got thrown in at the deep end, and maybe that was misinterpreted. But we had that conversation, and I remember talking to her about it and she fully understood it. Then again it was four years ago.”

Looking at sizzling shots of ripped Harry from both shows and various shoots he’s done it’s clear to see why millions swoon over him, and he admits he’s glad reality TV kickstarted his career.

“It changed my life. I wouldn’t change anything about anything that’s happened, it’s been the biggest blessing.”

He’s now involved in several businesses, ranging from venture capital, to clothing, sunglasses and skincare.

“My average day, I get up at like 5.30am, go to the gym, work out, then come back. I usually have business meetings with my team from maybe 1pm until 4pm or 5pm, recapping, setting up interviews. Also making content, first thing in the morning when my brain is fresh, and day-to-day errands.”

He’s had liaisons with various women since Francesca and has been involved in a spat with Jake Paul — American YouTube sensation turned boxing promoter.

“Me and him had some beef, because I was dating a girl who was his ex and he didn’t like it, so he ended up getting back with her and now they are happy together, which is awesome,” Harry says.

“I saw it as an opportunity to pull him out and try and fight him, like everyone else in the industry is doing.”

He’s now seeing Australian Georgia Hassarati. “I’ve got a thing for Georgias,” he smiles. “She’s amazing. She’s literally the girl version of me. So much fun, she’s always laughing, doesn’t take things too seriously.”

Asked would he like to settle down one day and get married and have kids, he replies: “I think one day.

“I think I have five more years before any of that — so if Georgia can stick around that long!”

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