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Una Healy creeps fans out after snapping ‘lucky’ spider in her Thurles home

The spider left the singer terrified as she asked fans to help her identify it.

Maeve McTaggartSunday World

Une Healy has issued a firm warning to fans after first-hand experience with a massive creepy-crawly yesterday.

The Saturdays’ singer snapped a photo of the long-legged spider she found “crawling” across her chest while she sat watching TV.

"I’m going to have serious nightmares about spiders now,” she said.

Una took to Instagram to share the encounter with fans.

"I was literally just here with Tadhg and Tadhg can confirm it.

"All I could see in my peripheral vision was this thing going across,” she said sharing the photo to Instagram.

"I flicked it onto that blanket there and I scooped it up, brought it outside. I didn’t touch it but I happened to have a little thing to put it in.

“I took that picture of it and people are saying it’s a false widow. We were googling images.

"Some people said it was a lucky spider - it wasn’t lucky for me! Lucky it didn’t bite me.”

“I’m just terrified now that there is a few of them in the house. I’m terrified of spiders anyway, especially ones like that that can bite you and hurt you.

“Beware of the false widow. They’re in Thurles.”

The star said she spent the rest of the evening spraying her house – and Christmas tree – with peppermint spray in an attempt to keep the critters at bay.

The spooky looking spider, which fans said was a rare ‘false widow,’ is mostly found outdoors but can travel into homes to hide-out from the cold.

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