Vogue Williams says she went into ‘goblin mode’ and fell asleep on kitchen floor after five drinks

"We stayed drinking with Ryan until about half one in the morning,” she said, after her Late Late Show appearance.

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Vogue Williams has revealed how she went into “goblin mode” after her appearance on the Late Late Show and had a few drinks too many.

She opened up to pal and co-host Joanne McNally on their podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me.

"I had about five drinks max,” Vogue said.

"So I went on talked a bit about my book, a bit about my tan, wore the best jumpsuit in the whole world,” she told listeners, filling them in on her appearance.

"Started drinking after it and then got in the taxi home,” she added, before confessing her sister found her trying “to fall asleep on the kitchen floor.”

Vogue said her husband Spencer was then blowing up her phone as she missed every call.

"As a 37 year old woman, in my jumpsuit, in my sister’s bed.

"Spenny couldn't find me, he thought I was still out and I only woke up because she kept trying to spoon me."

Joanne interrupted, saying pal Vogue was “so cute,” saying: “Like, she delivers this like she’s joined AC/DC.

"Like, this is the most rock and roll moment.”

Taking a light-hearted dig at Vogue, she imitated the mum-of-three and her night of drinking.

"I woke up… fully-clothed. I passed out, after three drinks, at 10pm,” she said. “Horrified.”

"It was 2am, thank you!” Vogue rebutted.

"I can’t handle my drink.”

The star appeared on the Late Late to chat about the podcast last Friday, confessing she “had a great time” and loves host Ryan Tubridy.

Vogue and Joanne recently took hits at David Beckham for being an ambassador for the World Cup in Qatar, callign him a “sh***ebag.”

"Do you know what I've been thinking a lot about recently? David Beckham being a thirsty b*****d and taking that money from Qatar.

“It really doesn't sit well with me at all.”

Vogue agreed: “It does not sit well. But you know what - he'll get away with that. I think he will.”

Joanne said: “He won't! No, he won't. The respect is gone. People thought he was sound, and he’s just outed himself now for being a thirsty f****r.”

Vogue rebutted that “everyone is entitled to their own culture, but not when you're discriminating against people and just being f***king horrendous and what I will say is-”

Joanne cut her off, saying: “He was a gay icon. David Beckham is a gay icon.”

And Vogue replied: “Not anymore and I would not want to be the one to piss of the gays.”

The 37-year-old then revealed that she was asked to travel to Qatar for a collaboration but turned down the opportunity.

She explained: “You know what? I got asked to go to Qatar. They invited me over to the World Cup and to do all this influencing stuff and [I was like] ‘I'll take my sister, my lesbian sister. How would you feel about that?’”

Joanne couldn't believe Vogue’s revelation, exclaiming: “What? Are you serious?”

Vogue responded: “Yeah, they invited me, and I said no there's no way I would go over there. Not the way it is. Very disappointed.”

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