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Dublin actor's 'yuppie' accent landed him British TV presenter role in new Spider-Man

Glenn flew out to the Marvel studio in Atlanta last February to shoot his role
Actor Glenn Keogh with Mike Tyson

Actor Glenn Keogh with Mike Tyson

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A Dublin actor has revealed he put on a "yuppie" Irish accent to win the a major role as a ‘British’ TV presenter in the new €200 million Spider-Man No Way Home movie.

The film, which also stars Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jamie Foxx is set to be the biggest blockbuster of the year when it’s released next month.

“They were initially looking for someone British to play the role,” explains Glenn Keogh (41), who originally hails from Blackrock Co Dublin and now lives in Los Angeles.

“When we audition for stuff, there’s no more in person auditions because of Covid, so you have to record it yourself and sent it on on tape.

“When you are auditioning like that you know there’s going to be 50 British accents with a British accent. I said ‘f*** it I’ll do something different and give them my natural accent and yuppie it up a bit and low and behold they picked me.”

Glenn flew out to the Marvel studio in Atlanta last February to shoot his role.

“I play a TV anchor and I’m reporting on something important which is key to the movie. But I can’t say too much more as Marvel are pretty tight about storylines,” he said.

This is the second role in several months that Glenn gets to use his Irish accent instead of a British one which was originally scripted.

He gets to play a ‘wild Irishman’ in two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is a huge TV series in America.

Actor Glenn Keogh

Actor Glenn Keogh

“The writer, creator and main star of it is a guy called Larry David. Larry created, owned and wrote Seinfeld and was in it,” he explains.

“This show Curb Your Enthusiasm is kind of like a mocumentary about his life and it follows him around. It is kind of like The Office style. There’s characters in in that are made up, that are given a character’s name which my character is.

“I’m in episode seven and 10 of the new series. I got to work with him, Ted Danson, who is a legend and absolute gent, and Tracey Ullman. I’m in the season finale, which has Vince Vaughn in the finale, and Lily Collins is in one of my episodes.”

Glenn gets to go head to head with Larry.

“What people don’t realise is the show is improvised and I worked with him for five days,” he notes. “Some of my stuff is outrageous and he kept breaking character laughing at me.

“I play an Irish character in it. Again, ironically they were looking for a British character, but I decided to give them a wild Irishman. What we have going for us is the gift of the gab and the banter, which the Brits don’t have.

“The thing about Hollywood, when they say ‘British’ some of them actually think that Irish people are British. They know there’s some connection with the Northern Ireland link but they don’t quite get that there’s a Republic of Ireland that has nothing to do with Britain. Some of them wouldn’t even know the difference between an Irish and a British accent.”

But Glenn did get to put on a London cockney accent for a British character he plays in the reboot series of Magnum P.I.

Actor Glenn Keogh with car From Magnum PI

Actor Glenn Keogh with car From Magnum PI

“I am playing a former SAS turned arms dealer gangster. I have a bit of a cockney accent in that. I have a battle with Magnum and we beat the sh**te out of each other and you can guess who wins in the end,” he adds.

“They have a Spanish guy playing Magnum, Jay Hernandez, a really nice guy.”

Glenn, who is single and lives in Santa Monica, works out five times a week at his local gym, where he has got to hang out with the likes of Mike Tyson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Magic Johnson.

He is also excited about his 21-year-old nephew Ryan Keogh from Tallaght, who is a rising star in MMA.

“He and is trained by John Kavanagh and is the next best thing - He won a tournament in Prague with Team Ireland last month, the 145lbs category.”

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