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Nicola Tallant to host gangster movie club on her top podcast Crime World

Nicola Tallant is renowned for her Crime World podcast is set to delve into the world of fictionalised crime as she presents the Dingle Whiskey Movie Club.

Daragh Keany, Niall Donald, Nicola Tallant, Enda Bolger and Peter McGann pose as The Usual Suspects.

Peter McGann as Robert DeNiro in Casino

Emma Doran poses as Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace

Daragh Keany and Enda Bolger recreate an iconic scene from The Godfather

Daragh Keany, Peter McGann, Enda Bolger and Niall Donald pose as Goodfellas.

Clodagh MeaneySunday World

While watching Hollywood blockbusters about American mobsters, it can often seem like their stories are worlds away. But Crime World’s Nicola Tallant knows that what happens on the big screen isn’t all too far away from our own front door.

Nevertheless, despite the real horrors of organised crime, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood gangster movies remain popular among film lovers.

Henry Hill, Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal, and James ‘Whitey’ Bulger are just some real-life gangsters whose stories have been immortalised by Tinseltown. Throughout the years, A-list stars such as Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro have brought characters, both real and inspired by the criminal underworld, to life.

By re-enacting epic gun fights, smoking massive cigars and sipping whiskey on the rocks, Hollywood has ensured that the often true and unbelievable stories of mob bosses and their glamorous molls remain part of popular culture.

Nicola Tallant wants to take you beyond the usual gritty headlines on her podcast Crime World as she and a host of guests review some of the most popular gangster films of our time.

Emma Doran poses as Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace

The Dingle Whiskey Movie Club will give listeners a front-row seat as the organised crime expert dissects everything from the family ties in The Godfather, the life and times of the real Donnie Brasco and the seedy underworld of drugs in Goodfellas.

“These films have iconic characters, soundtracks and storylines, many of which mirror real life, so we will have lots to talk about,” Nicola says.

“It seems like half the country is in a book club, so I reckon we crime fans can do with our own movie club. So the Dingle Whiskey Movie Club has been born as part of Crime World,” she explained.

Subjects covered by the true-crime podcast ranked number one in Ireland, range from gangland feuds and drug busts to the life and crimes of serial killers. The movie club will be the first time the podcast ventures away from its hard-hitting crime coverage to delve into the world of movies while also inviting listeners to participate.

“As much as people love to hear the latest gangland news, who doesn’t love a good gangster movie?”

“As the days get colder and the evenings darker, it seems like a great idea to revisit some of these classics,” Nicola continued.

Nicola explains that the idea for the movie club came to her as a plan to bring the entire Crime World audience together.

“The Crime World audience is very varied,” she explained.

“They are of all ages and come from all over the country and abroad. They have different careers, backgrounds and stories. So I thought one way to unite everyone is through the power of the movies.

“For this season, we are picking 10 of the best and will let the listeners vote on a few categories.”

Daragh Keany and Enda Bolger recreate an iconic scene from The Godfather

“We’ll review the movies with some special guests and hopefully have some fun doing that.”

Comedians Emma Doran and Peter McGann, presenter Fionnuala Jay, podcasters The Two Norries, and a host of Sunday World favourites will join Nicola across five very special episodes.

Fans can also get involved and have their say as they vote on their favourite films, characters, scenes, and lines.

“I, for one, am looking forward to curling up on the couch with a fire and a little nip – and watching our chosen classics,” Nicola added.

“I encourage our listeners to do the same, watch along, listen along, and get involved as we revisit these quintessential movies together.”

Daragh Keany, Peter McGann, Enda Bolger and Niall Donald pose as Goodfellas.

But that’s not all; on December 1 Crime World is throwing a party fit for a Mafioso to crown the best gangster film, according to listeners.

Gathering at The Sugar Club in Dublin, a Dingle Whiskey cocktail will greet guests before they are treated to an evening with Nicola Tallant to discuss the real-life stories behind the glamorous movie sets. Lucky listeners will be in with a chance to win two VIP tickets for the event, which includes food, drinks and an intimate live recording of Crime World.

“I can’t wait to meet some of our lucky listeners at the show,” Nicola said. “This will be the first time I will get to meet with fans of the show and chat all things mobs and molls.”

To be in with a chance of winning, share with us your opinions on your favourite gangster films. You canlisten to the upcoming episodes of Crime World on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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