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Irish boxer Peter McDonagh praises Daniel Kinahan for rescuing him from the ‘scrap heap’

‘Daniel Kinahan was only person to look after me in boxing rest of the boxing promotors and mangers used and abused me’

McDonagh (right) in a previous social media picture with Kinahan

Neil FetherstonhaughSunday World

Irish boxer Peter McDonagh has come out in support of Daniel Kinahan in a social media post where he praises the gangland boss for helping him after he was “left on the scrap heap”.

Unlike other boxers who once had ties with Kinahan but later distanced themselves from the wanted criminal after he came the subject of a US sanctions hit, McDonagh singled out Kinahan as the only one who looked after him.

McDonagh took to Twtter to declare: “Daniel Kinahan was only person to look after me in boxing rest of the boxing promotors and mangers used and abused me at 38 years old I was left on the scrap heap I become a 3 weight Irish champion my book coming soon life in and out the boxing ring.”

in March, McDonagh, who has no connections with criminality, praised Kinahan ahead of a podcast debut that was never broadcast.

The sports star described the cartel boss, who was named in the High Court as being in control of a drug empire, as ‘family’

“I had more trainers than @JDSports more managers than @SkySportsPL I was on the scrap heap in boxing and life Daniel Kinahan gave me second go in and out the ring one word to describe him FAMILY X,” he wrote in a Twitter post, tagging podcast host James English and Sunday World.

However, the podcast interview with mob boss Kinahan was later pulled due to "legal issues".

The 44-year-old drug baron had sat down for a three hour chat with James English in Dubai and it was due to come out on St Patrick's Day.

In a preview clip that was aired, Kinahan recalled how Hutch gunmen got within metres of killing him during the infamous 2016 Regency Hotel attack and also claimed the media "manipulates everything".

But podcast host and Kerry Katona's ex English said he was "sad to inform" people that the chat had to be pulled but hoped to get it out in future.

Posting to his YouTube channel he said: "I've been dealt with some legal issues and after getting some legal advice I've been told not to show this interview.

"It's a blatant attack on my freedom of speech and Daniel's as the three hour interview was very powerful where you get to hear Daniel tell his side of the story.

"I'm hopeful we can get this interview out in the future, but right now it's out of my hands and into the lawyer's hands.

"Over four years I've been doing this stuff, never had any issues, but I guess when you have high calibre guests you're going to come up against these problems. Just something I need to deal with just now.

"Again I'm sorry people because I know how big this interview was and I know how many people are waiting to see it."

In the preview clip, Kinahan recalled the Regency Hotel attack, which he was the main target of on February 5, 2016.

It claimed the life of his close pal and mob enforcer David Byrne.

Kinahan told the host: "I'm going to tell you, I never told anyone this story."

Out of his seat, and re-enacting the gunman pulling his firearm from his waistband, he added: "I see him there, maybe six metres from me.

"Then I see like this, then I see the gun at the back.

"And then I go. Then I hear boomboom, boom-boom, and shots getting let go behind me."

Kinahan also took aim at the media and said: "For me the media manipulates everything.

"They create the reality for people for the future, for what they want to think. What they eat. What they buy.

"If I'm this bad person, look at the things they wrote about me.

"Newspapers wrote about me that I supplied these guns to these rebel kids in Africa. I had a billion dollars’ worth of cocaine that went through America."

The following month, US officials announced sanctions against several top members of the Irish Kinahan organised crime group.

The sanctions include Kinahan, who has previously been named by the Irish High Court as the controller and manager of the gang, his father Christopher Snr - a convicted drug trafficker and alleged founder of the gang, and his brother Christopher Jnr, who the notice accused of working with the gang to "transport and sell narcotics in the United Kingdom".

The US Drug Enforcement Agency has also offered rewards of up to $5m for information leading to the arrest of any of the three Kinahan.

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