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Every word of Jurgen Klopp’s press conference as Liverpool draw with Chelsea

Here is everything Klopp had to say in his post-match press conference

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp took some positives from his side's 0-0 draw against Chelsea at Anfield, even though the result left his side ten points behind fourth placed Manchester United.

Here is everything Klopp said in his post-match press conference:

On his 1000th game as a manager:

I got a lot of messages this and not all of them were nice. I think Arsene Wenger lost his 1,000th game 6-0, so I am really happy that didn't happen. I liked the start in the first half, I liked particularly the start in the second half, so that was good, but we have to extend these spells. We have to play more football, especially in the first half when we won balls back, when we defended really well, when we were really aggressive and then we gave the balls away too easily. We had other moments where we played pretty well, didn’t get it to create a no-brainer or whatever, but it was good.

On the positives from the 0-0 draw:

For me, it is clear, in this situation you have to be ready for little steps – and this was a little step today, that's how it is. I expect progress and I think from the last league game [at Brighton] it was progress, definitely, and that's important. I saw us in a lot of moments really compact, really being together, good challenges, but of course the opponent is there as well and sometimes you have to defend them with passion. We didn't do that two weeks ago but today we did, so when you have a block in the last second like Robbo had, that is really important. These things are positives and from there we go.

We were compact, we won really good balls, we caused them problems and from there then we have to do better with the ball. That's possible and it was already better than the last league game, that we really keep the balls and play from there. It's like, even Thiago, who is obviously a great footballer, gave balls away, unforced errors and these kind of things. That’s what we have to do better. If we do that, if we defend well and then play in these moments more, use each other more then all of a sudden it looks completely different. That is where we have to get to.

The gap to the top four in the Premier League:

The distance we only can influence by winning – and we didn't do that today. They cannot all lose now, some of them will win, some of them will draw. There are a lot of games to play, there are still a lot of games to play, and if you count all the points then you see a lot of things are possible. But to get there we have to continue with the things again we did now for the last two games. I saw progress, that’s good and that’s what we have to keep doing.

On the competitive nature of the league:

There are a lot of good teams – it is the strongest league in the world. I don't think anybody would argue that. But the situation of Chelsea, OK, I have no clue actually about the situation of Chelsea, to be 100 per cent honest. But that we don't do as good as we could has nothing to do with the quality of other teams. It's self-made, not everything is our fault, but it’s still self-made and that's why we are where we are. That's how it is.

We have to go from here, we have to improve and we have to be... for us it's OK, usually a point against Chelsea is not a bad result but I sit here and I feel, I have to say, 'It's OK' because you obviously think, 'How can you not win against them?' They will win a lot of games, I can promise you – today they didn't. So, that's good. But, of course, first and foremost I am concerned about our stuff and we saw good signs, but I know we have to do the good things even better and longer and in an ideal world for the full 95 or 100 minutes and then we are there. We will go in that direction, I am sure.

How important was the clean sheet:

Massive, massive. So, directly after the game you cannot forget the chances they had, where we defended in the last seconds with a block. But tomorrow I don't remember them anymore, it's just a clean sheet and it feels really good. So, how I said, there are things we have to build on, that's what we will do. So, the next opponent now is not [in the] Premier League, but in the FA Cup and it's Brighton. That's a team we didn't do too well [against] in the last game. So, we said we should try to do better and that’s what we will try. It will be interesting.

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