Greenpeace activists board Shell vessel

Greenpeace activists board Shell vessel

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Credit: Greenpeace Greenpeace activists board and occupy Shell vessel en route to major North Sea oilfield with message: ‘Stop drilling. Start Paying.’ The video is drone footage of the protesters approach to the vessel. At 8am on Tuesday January 31], the protesters approached the 51,000-tonne heavy-lift vessel in three boats launched from Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise ship, and used ropes to climb onto the deck. The four activists - Carlos Marcelo Bariggi Amara, from Argentina; Yakup Çetinkaya, from Turkey; Imogen Michel from the UK and Usnea Granger from the US - are now occupying the ship’s cargo, a Shell oil and gas platform. Two other activists, Yeb Saño from the Philippines and Waya Pesik Maweru from Indonesia, attempted to join them but did not manage to board. The platform is a key piece of production equipment that will enable Shell to unlock eight new wells in the Penguins North Sea oil and gas field. The protestors are carrying enough supplies to occupy the platform for days.

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